Esoteric Astrology Intro…

Esoteric Astrology Intro


I am a professional astrologer, specifically an esoteric astrologer. This term gets misused a lot in the world today, and I am more of a pure esoteric astrologer rather than what passes for one today.

Esoteric astrology is a branch of astrology that has its roots in theosophy. Theosophy is the spiritual system brought to the west by Madame Blavatsky in the middle of the 19th century E.V. It was her own system, based on several decades of research and exploration that she did, scouring the world to the best of her abilities, collecting occult and spiritual wisdom as she went. After collecting this information, so did her best to put together a comprehensive spiritual system that she felt was the underlying spiritual system of the planet, really of our species. It was also through her work that the New Age movement began, and many ideas such as yoga and the chakras first appeared in western Europe, and thus the western world.

Esoteric astrology in its real form works heavily with theosophical concepts, beliefs, and teachings. Therefore, one must first know theosophy, which is why esoteric astrology isn’t as prevalent as it could be. In this column I will explore theosophy and esoteric astrology, bringing to light ideas that may not be commonly known, yet are so very relevant and important to the world today.


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