Equinox Prayer

✺ ~ May this time be the catalyst to bring us back into alignment with nature & spirit ~ ✺

May we sustain the change and healing of the Earth we are seeing globally through re-connection

Honouring the cyclical nature of the Earth is a way of anchoring ourselves by tuning into the symbols of nature ~ this can be done in many ways through following lunar cycles & seasonal cycles

Worship of the sun, moon, seasons & cycles is a thread woven through most ancient & indigenous cultures

This was more important then (and still for some) as the changes in

light to dark and dark to light

The cause & affect of these changes

Rebirth to death

Affected us more deeply when we lived in closer contact to nature

We may have changed how we live

but these natural laws still very much exist and affect us

The equinox marks a point in the year where the day & night are equal

In the northern hemisphere this marks the move into light, it is all about new beginnings, stepping into the unknown; a rebirth

~ Spring equinox marks a stepping out in trust of your dreams ~

A celebration of the fertility of the Earth Goddess.

A resurrection of what went below the Earth at Winter Solstice bringing new life & horizons

We are currently in unfamiliar, uncomfortable times. What lies beyond the horizon seems completely unknown. But in reality we never know what lies ahead.

We will reemerge and rebirth a new

So what are you dreaming & weaving into your horizon? ☼


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Olivia Ryan

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