5 Ways Essential Oils Help Find Your Inner Spirit…

5 Ways Essential Oils Help Find Your Inner Spirit

Essential oils help us to connect within and find a deeper connection to spirit.

Finding your inner spirit is a life-long journey that is full of discoveries. You may just be starting out or you may be looking to incorporate something a little different into your routine. Essential oils are a great place to start because there are so many different oils that have various uses that you can benefit from.

You do not have to be an essential oil pro to use essential oils in your daily routine. There are some simple guidelines to follow when using oils but other than that you have free reign of when you use them.

Here are 5 ways you can use essential oils to guide your spiritual journey:

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1) Meditation

If you have not used meditation in the past, you will definitely want to try it out. Meditation is a great way to reflect inward and find out more about yourself and who you truly are as a person. There are a lot of resources, such as the Insight Timer, to help those who are new to meditation or want to try something different.

You do not have to practice meditation everyday and you do not have to use essential oils with every meditation practice. You may find it better to do meditation before you go to bed or you may enjoy it as a great way to start your day. There are so many ways that you can use meditation so you will have to try different ways and approaches before you completely discard it from your journey.

2) Exercise

You can use peppermint, basil, and even citrus oils to help boost your mood before and during your workout. You can also use essential oils to soothe sore muscles and allow your muscles to relax. The best way to use them is to either inhale them or rub them on the desired muscle group.

3) Become conscious

You will also want to start thinking about your footprint on the ecosystem and the earth in general. This may mean you start recycling glass, paper and plastics or maybe it means that you try to buy local. Start looking at the products that you use and the history of those companies. Certain companies are transparent about their process, such as distilling doterra oils, which shows where products are gathered and how they are processed.

4) Your home

If you are designing or decorating your house you will want to make it comfortable and relaxing. You can also get a diffuser and use that to put essential oils in and diffuse them throughout your home. This will help it smell great but can also relax you depending on what essential oils you use.

You can also use essential oil products to clean your house. You can use different sprays and cleaners to keep your house clean without using harsh and dangerous chemicals. Take a look at what you are currently using and see where you can make some changes. You don’t have to switch everything out just the things that you find are beneficial to your home.

5) Seek guidance

You do not have to do this alone. In fact, you are not supposed to do it all by yourself. Find someone who is farther along than you are and ask them questions that you might have. You will want to find someone who is willing to help you and who gives trusted advice.

You can also find guidance from sources such as books that are written and recommended by professionals in their field. While you may not take and use everything that they advise or say, you can always incorporate what you need into your life. Use your gut intuition when making decisions about what you should and should not bring into your life.

There are a lot of different ways you can use essential oils in your spiritual journey. Do you already use essential oils? What are some of your favorites? Share this with a friend who loves to use essential oils.

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