7 Basic Essential Oils To Keep You Healthy…

7 Basic Essential Oils To Keep You Healthy

Essential oils can help us so much when it comes to health and wellbeing!

Aromatherapy has more benefits to it than making something smell great. Many essential oils have qualities that can make you healthier and give you a clearer state of mind. Whether you use them while you are doing yoga or dispersing them in a diffuser in your home, here are some oils that you can use to help you.

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One element you can use to improve your health is copaiba essential oil. This oil is harvested from the copaiba tree and is very similar to black pepper. It can calm stressful feelings, clear up the complexion, and boost your immune or cardiovascular system. You can take it internally, inhale it in a mist, or add it to a medium so you can apply it to your skin.


If you have trouble falling asleep you might want to give lavender a try. It comes from the lavender plant and can be used to help you sleep, get rid of anxious feelings, soothe skin irritations and mute skin imperfections. It is an oil that has been used for thousands of years and can be diffused into the air, applied to the skin with a cream or oil, or ingested in a beverage.

Tea Tree

This oil originated in Australia and is known for its cleansing qualities. While you use most products on yourself to improve your quality of health, you can use tea tree oil as a cleaning product. A few drops of this oil in a spray bottle of water can clean counters and yoga mats. It can also help with skin irritations or be added to a face cleanser for an added benefit.


Found in dental products, peppermint is the combination of water mint and spearmint. This oil can freshen your breath and help you overcome an upset stomach. Peppermint oil is also known to be a natural bug repellent. You can put a few drops in a spray bottle then spritz around door frames and windows to keep pests out. Adding it to the air in a diffuser can help the members of your family breathe better.


While many essential oils are known for their calming effect, lemon can be used as a pick me up that fills you with energy. Like tea tree oil, this product can be added to water and utilized as a cleaner that will make your whole home smell fresh. It can also be used to a carrier to add a shine to leather, finished wood, and metal. Since it has Vitamin C, you can add drops to water to help boost your immune system. This can also wake you up if you feel groggy. It can be added to food preparation to add flair to your food.


Frankincense has been valued for thousands of years and has been mentioned in the Bible as well as Babylonian and Egyptian history. If you digest it, it will help promote the health of your cells. It can benefit your skin when combined with your lotion and make it look smoother. It can also relax you and give ward away worries with its scent. You can diffuse this oil, and it to a carrier substance or drop it in water to digest it.


When you think of geraniums, you think of the beautiful flowers you plant in your yard. A few of the more floral specimens of this plant are processed to make geranium oil. While many essential oils are used to improve your skin, you can use drops of this oil in your shampoo or conditioner to strengthen your hair, even if it is dry or oily. It can soothe when inhaled from a diffuser. Like peppermint, it also can repel bugs when a few drops are added to water in a spray bottle. It also makes a great perfume if added to a carrier or to lotion.


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