25-Day Challenge With Essential Oils For A Healthy Lifestyle…

25-Day Challenge With Essential Oils For A Healthy Lifestyle

Have you ever been swept away to a distant memory simply because of scent?

Scents trapped within essential oils can evoke memories, calm us down, improve skin and general well-being. The process is quite similar to the feeling of visiting familiar places such as parks. The flowers, benches and common areas have powerful scents that can heal mentally, physically and emotionally.

Natural Essential oils can be very healthy and therapeutic simply because of the “healing” power within their scent. Their deep healing potential is the motivation behind the 25-day challenge and you should take time to experiment and enjoy these benefits. In practice, the benefit of essential oils can be enjoyed by application on the skin, inhaling or using with a diffuser. Given you could suffer an allergic reaction, it is recommended that when using the essential oils you should dilute the oils with water or with carrier oil such as almond or jojoba.

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Benefits of Some Common Essential Oils

The 25-day challenge is a special package aimed at introducing you to each of these oils on a specific day. During the period, you will use one essential oil in a specified fashion and experience its “hidden” potential. The goal is to reveal the healing power and provide you with insights to share with your doctor concerning your well being.

Essential Oils and Uses

Many of these essential oils are not really oils – they do not contain fatty acids. They are concentrated plant extracts and are often inexpensive. With enough knowledge on the subject you can put together what could be a simple remedy kit for a number of common ailments.

  • Lavender – Lavender for instance, is one versatile essential oil, often used to soothe the mind. This is a common ingredient in bath soaps and bath bombs. It can also be very useful and effective for healing bruises, cuts and soothing irritated skin. The soothing scent of lavender triggers the body to almost automatically reduce levels of stress causing hormones in the blood stream.
  • Chamomile – Stress is one of the most serious problems for many people today. Our busy lifestyles and in some cases, poor diets have been found to be the main causes for this unfortunate condition. Chamomile is often served as tea or infused in tea and is one of the best solutions for stress just before bed. Add a few drops to tea and a few more to your pillow for more relaxed and better quality sleep each night.
  • Peppermint – Mental alertness is one of the many areas that suffer when we are under stress. Peppermint is a natural mental stimulant and common ingredient in many sweets and confectionery products. Research has show that using peppermint can increase mental alertness/accuracy by 28%. It is one of the few essential oils that can be safely ingested – add a few drops to water and just sip.
  • Eucalyptus – This is one of the best essential oils for those who often suffer colds and congested breathing. The sweet scent of Eucalyptus is one of the main ingredients of almost all cold remedy balms and muscle ache rubs. It bears a strong natural potential to ease congestion, sinuses and soothe aching muscles.
  • Tea Tree – Like Eucalyptus this is oil from a plant native to Australia (Melaleuca Alternifloria). The distilled oil is ideal for treating skin irritation and blemishes. It can be dabbed suing cotton wool over acne blemishes or fungal infections such as athlete’s foot.

The above are just some of the 25 oils that will form part of special package designed just for you and your family.

The 25-Day Essential Oil Challenge

Day 1: To enjoy a refreshing pick me up, add 1 drop of lemon oil to a glass and drink.

Day 2: For healthy skin pour one drop of  Purification® to moisturizer for healthy and blemish free skin.

Day 3: Use 5 drops of lavender on your skin and pillow for calm and soothing sleep.

Day 4: Remedy aching back and neck using diluted  PanAway® with carrier oil such as almond or jojoba. Rub the mix on the temple and back of neck for fast relief.

Day 5: Just a single drop of Digize® in a tall glass of water after dinner will improve your general well being.

Day 6: Freshen your breath fast using one drop of peppermint applied on the tongue or roof of your mouth.

Day 7: Use Frankincense to introduce soothing aromas into your home.

Day 8: Improve your hair using a drop or two of Lavender in Shampoo.

Day 9: Occasionally mix Copaiba in warm water and honey to promote general well being.

Day 10: Soothe your feet by rubbing a few drops of Lavender on them each night.

Day 11: To improve bowel health add one drop of peppermint and one tablespoon of coconut oil to your morning beverage.

Day 12: Soothe aching muscles with one drop of PanAway® mixed with Almond or Jojoba oil.

Day 13: Eliminate bad odors by diffusing Purification® indoors.

Day 14: Did you know a drop of Copaiba and 1 oz water can act as a perfect natural mouth wash.

Day 15: Lavender mixed with Almond Oil or Jojoba Oil can be very effective stress reducers just before bed time.

Day 16: Clear you head by rubbing one drop of Peppermint into the palm and inhaling deeply.

Day 17: Improve your natural immune function by adding one drop of Add one drop Thieves® and 2 drops lemon oil to a mug of warm water  or tea.

Day 18: For healthier looking skin, add a drop of Frankincense oil to night moisturizing cream.

Day 19: Add a drop of peppermint to a glass of water daily for better digestion.

Day 20: Lavender oil and a drop of Jojoba or Almond oil can be used as the perfect lip balm.

Day 21: To soothe tired feet and enjoy better sleep each night gently massage feet using 3 drops RC.

Day 22: Use Copaiba mixed with lavender to reduce the prominence of stretch marks

Day 23: Improve your breath daily by adding a drop of Thieves® to toothpaste before brushing

Day 24: To energize each morning diffuse 4 drops lemon and 2 drops peppermint to liven up the room

Day 25: For a relaxing bath each evening add 3 drops of lavender and Jojoba or Almond oil plus or Epsom salts.


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