Entering A New Paradigm With The Full Moon In Scorpio…

Entering A New Paradigm With The Full Moon In Scorpio

We are in a profound time of transition and transformation.

Guiding us at this time, is the Full Moon in Scorpio, inviting us to go deep into our emotions and giving us the courage to discover the truth that lies inside the dark side of the reality we have been creating for the last century.

This Full Moon is going to shine light on topics that usually would stay hidden from the masses. By highlighting aspects in ourselves that unconsciously enable this troubled system to function in its present form, it allows us the opportunity to become the protagonists of a great change.

That’s because the Scorpio Full Moon is bringing us closer to a cosmic consciousness that guides us into opening up our third eye to “know” from our intuitive minds, and lets the analytical mind rest.

How can we be open to a higher level of consciousness?

As we well know, 2020 is about clarity and seeing the truth and a Full Moon is about shining a light on that truth. Scorpio is a water sign and it’s about emotions and secrecy. This particular Full Moon is about bringing all the secrets to light and we’ll need to be ready to “see” and handle the truth that will surface soon.

It will be important not to dismiss the aha moments created by this awakening full moon; trust the messages and visions that you receive while in meditation or spiritual journeys and embody them now to make the changes that are needed.

One of the most significant changes happening right now is the way we relate to ourselves, to others and to the planet. We are awakening to the importance of integrating spirituality into our lives. Prayer groups are forming everywhere to support families and friends. Global meditation events are continuously popping up to uplift the planet to a higher frequency.

We are entering a new paradigm.

We will need to do whatever it takes to completely abandon the old paradigm, a paradigm that believes in power over, in the patriarchal dominion that uses hierarchical models based on competition and control, and the need to win at all costs, creating a strong sense of separateness.

As we release old programmings of fear we are engaging more in creativity and curiosity. Our voices are getting stronger and empowered, we are feeling the power of connection through the media, and are opening up more freely to express our opinions regarding matters that affect us personally as well as globally.

Let’s hold space together, to welcome the change that is upon us, and let’s support it from within. The Scorpio influence will allow your emotions to freely surface to liberate you from all that doesn’t serve you anymore. Together, we can call in the energies of courage, clarity, and imagination, to strengthen our ability to succeed in creating a new reality.


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Donatella Moltisanti


A naturally-gifted healer with a music conservatory degree in opera performance and teaching, Donatella Moltisanti is the founder of the…

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