Engage With A Profound Sense Of Speed, Efficiency, And Synchronicity With The New In Gemini…

Engage With A Profound Sense Of Speed, Efficiency, And Synchronicity With The New In Gemini

A profound sense of speed, efficiency, and synchronicity invested my intuition as I tuned into the vibration of the Moon, navigating the Cosmos as the ultimate storyteller.

Full of the strength of the last Full Lunar Eclipse, still vivid and felt on many levels and dimensions, the New Moon in Gemini on May 30th, 2022, will take us into the next lunar cycle’s adventure.

We now prepare to enter Gemini’s communication qualities, the flow of ideas, and the need to share ourselves with others, via media or by traveling.

Mercury supports our higher selves and opens up higher frequencies!

Mercury, still retrograde in Gemini, is an opportunity to listen with your inner ear messages from the Divine.

Messenger and ruler of this lunation, Mercury, will bring in information from the recent Scorpio Lunar Eclipse, adding the awareness that surged during the eclipse and allowing us to elaborate on the details of the shifts that we are going through.

Besides the common nervousness around Mercury being retrograde, we need to consider the benefit of the perspectives it offers around communication skills and see if we are not communicating effectively.

At this time, we get new opportunities to go back to our words and apologize, re-author our story, or solve problems with genius insights and solutions that appear out of the blue.

We can use Gemini’s dual nature to tap into something new and spiritual, integrate it into our physicality and humanity, and become more conscious and ready to act creatively and be open to miracles.

Despite the overstimulating mental activity typical of Gemini, the Universe is navigating at a slower pace to allow our body consciousness into the picture in a new way.

Pluto is twining Mercury to bring power into our words and feelings making Gemini more reflective and intentional.

Something influential is manifesting at this time to help us create and establish our energy frequency.

Taurus influence is facilitating a new physical appreciation of our existence. You’ll find that you need not change your body to feel better about yourself, but you may choose to change your perception and relationship with your body. You will feel better about your physicality, your reality, and how to move into an unfamiliar territory ready for you.

Jupiter, Mars, and Charon in Aries are supporting a strong clean slate.

Charon represents the inner healer, the part of you that has put yourself together after life’s circumstances have pulled you down.

Mars reminds you that you can do it, Jupiter, the planet of joy, cheers you up, and Aries goes through any doubts or obstacles to achieve what you want.

In Radical Love,



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