Endless Journey

A recurring dream, that feeling of not being able to walk. Until one day meditating, I could see a girl from India, I could see her clothes, the house, the gardens, the people who worked in the house (which I recognized as part of what is now my family) who lovingly and smiling looked at me. It was me. immediately recognized me, I looked at my legs the deformed ones, the knees crooked. I understood at that moment the feeling of inferiority that deep inside me, no matter how hard I tried, I had to be the best. Always insecure, Avoiding eyes contact, I was afraid, I feel inferior. I saw my past pass before my eyes, I realize that despite everything,  in my past life.I was happy. very happy with a family that gave me a lot of love and take care of me. With lovely husband, children, and grandchildren. Now I can walk proud, knowing no matter what, I’m beautiful and worth it. I can see remember my beautiful smile and how happy I was. The reincarnation process is to work on incomplete issues, to resolve relationships that we have been dragging through past lives, to modify our attitudes. We will continue to travel infinitely until we solve and learn our lessons. When you forgive and make better decisions only then will we stop reincarnation and heal our karma. As an insatiable travelers we take on different roles, we are traveling souls who


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