Encouragement Wednesday~ 06/10/2020…

Encouragement Wednesday~ 06/10/2020

A bit of encouragement today! As your motivational levels waiver, day to day come to know how to stay motivated. Know-how and what pushes you to do things, and how and what pulls you so easily and naturally to do things. Ask yourself, what taps into your desire to achieve and accomplish? To take action on a quest to a deep and memorable desired end? Explore and decide on activities in life that compel you and pull you to do them, while aligning your life with your dreams, goals, plans, values, and daily routines.

“You can, you should, and if you’re brave enough to start, you will.” ~Stephen King

Keep moving forward without regret while focusing on the good stuff. Don’t allow yourself to stress about the rest of your life either. Just relax and enjoy the present as the gift it is and just keep doing your thing daily. Sometimes you think mentally you have been buried and it is over when you are in a dark place, but actually, you have been planted to grow stronger for what is to come.

“Your fear is 100% dependent on you for its survival.” ~Steve Maraboli

You won’t fear what you enjoy doing and you don’t fear what you love! If you haven’t found what you enjoy doing yet, keep searching, and enjoy the journey while doing so. There is so much for you to do you shouldn’t settle. Trust your gut instinct, the flow of destiny, life path, karma, and whatever else connecting the dots into your future.

“Even in the loneliest moments… I have been there for myself.”~Sanober Khan

I wish you a great fortune as your success continues… from one blessing to another! CHEERS~

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