I’m Elizabeth Overstreet, And This Is My Dharma…

I’m Elizabeth Overstreet, And This Is My Dharma

Hello, I’m Elizabeth and I’m the Relationship Whisperer. Just kidding – sorta! I coach women and men to have a healthy, fulfilling, and loving relationships. I am also an Author. I’m a big believer that if you aren’t practicing self-love than it’s hard to be a recipient of true love from someone else.

Personal or Professional Goals:

Where do I start? I’m working on writing my next book and always working towards being connected with my inner self. There are a lot of distractions these days, but I always try to find time to disconnect, wind down, and do things that feed my soul, mind, and spirit.

What’s Your Offering to the World?

That’s a good question. I’ve gone through a lot in my life. I’ve experienced great, good, and also some really challenging situations. There were moments where I have wanted to give up and feared starting or doing something different than I had done before. But, each time I have stepped out on faith, it has helped me grow more than I would have ever guessed. I have been in unhealthy relationships, I have loved someone more than I loved myself. I had to learn how to exercise self-love. I want to share my experiences so others don’t have to go through similar situations. Love is available to you if you are open to receiving it. However, self-love is a critical step to being in the right relationship. Through my coaching sessions, I help others to change the narrative on how they seek out relationships and find love.

Who/What Inspires You?

My mom is my biggest inspiration. She and my dad helped to raise five kids, and she always let us know that we could do or be whatever we wanted if we were willing to put in the work and effort. Strong women and men who are fearless and who seek to change the world in unconventional ways are also a source of inspiration.


To help others see the many things that are right about them versus focusing on what they lack. We tend to beat ourselves up a lot, but there is so much good we do that we often overlook.

Favorite Quote:

“The road to success and the road to failure are almost exactly the same.”


I want women to know that they deserve to be loved unconditionally. Self-love opens the door for a relationship that better meets your needs and where you are respected and loved. It’s the foundation for having a happy and healthy relationship. When you fall in love with someone who embraces you for who are (the entirety of you), it is something that is indeed a unique and beautiful feeling.






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