I’m Eli Dagostino, And This Is My Dharma…

I’m Eli Dagostino, And This Is My Dharma

From the beaches of Martha’s Vineyard, to the streets of New York City and now on a cross-country speaking tour, Eli Dagostino’s zest for life has been celebrated on the stages of SNL, on the pages of Vanity Fair and in the seats of Carnegie Hall. From child actor to award-winning photographer to now internationally recognized multi-media visual storyteller, Eli’s passion for making a positive impact on people’s lives through the power of beautiful creative storytelling is unwavering.

Personal or Professional Goals:

Personally speaking, I’m very much so looking forward to the day when I can buy an apartment in NYC that my fiancé Garrett, puppy Spoon and I can call home. I strive daily to center with myself through journaling, yoga and self-care rituals so to be the best version of myself possible; I hope to continue these rituals daily until I die. Professionally speaking, my main goal is to see each of my clients without judgment and to capture their story beautifully. If I’m doing that, I’m succeeding.

What’s Your Offering to the World?

I tell people’s stories in beautifully creative ways to help them connect more deeply with themselves and those around them. Whether my client is a grandmother, an entrepreneur, or both (which I love), I’m always honored to collaborate with someone creatively to celebrate and share what makes them unique.

Who/What Inspires You?

Those who follow their curiosities and do what they love without letting fear or judgments get in their way to then go onto success…THOSE AMAZING HUMANS INSPIRE ME! I try to live everyday like that human. I’ve been at it for almost 10 years, and I’m only beginning to get big wins now. I refuse to give up. I refuse to let lack of funds stop me. I will make it as long as I’m working from my heart and soul.


We believe that the most connected form of promotion (which doesn’t feel like a promotion at all) is honest storytelling, but like a surgeon can’t operate on themselves, it’s impossible to tell your own story well.

We work with deep people and creative businesses to help them engage with more of the people who need them most and gain recognition through the power of their own unique stories. We tell our client’s stories (each a “Silhouette”) using photos, videos, audio interviews and the written word. Together, these multi-media elements create an approachable, relatable, feast-for-the-eyes, inspiring and engaging experience poised to make a positive impact while never feeling salesy.

Favorite Quote:

When I asked my friend Kate Taylor (Singer Songwriter, of the famous Taylor family) what the thesis statement of her life was, she responded with, “Striving for joy, creating things and spreading sunshine; what is life if you can’t dress up like a Christmas tree?!”

Words of Advice:

Don’t let what makes you different stop you from reaching higher and sharing your whole self with the world. I’m 22 years old… A MEGA MOLD-BREAKING GAY ITALIAN GINGER JEW MILLENNIAL! I’ve accomplished more in my life that some 50 year olds. I’ve embraces what makes me special and shared that unapologetically with the world. Start sharing what makes you unique NOW.





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