The 5 Elements That Make You Whole (And Why Happiness Isn’t One of Them)…

The 5 Elements That Make You Whole (And Why Happiness Isn’t One of Them)

Bring in Wholeness

When was the last time you said to yourself or someone else in your life, “I just want to feel happy”? It appears that feeling happiness is the main goal for so many people.

Let me ask you: How about instead of chasing happiness, you consider chasing wholeness? Happiness is a beautiful emotion that we all, including myself, rightfully want to experience. However, happiness is just one of the emotions on the spectrum of our emotional energy. Imagine looking at an open field saturated with flowers of all colors. But you choose to see only the white ones and ignore the rest!

I came to believe that of the main causes of our suffering is not lack of happiness but our inner fragmentation, and not recognizing all the elements of our psyche. Would you like to consider de-fragmenting? If your computer can do it, so can you!

Imagine that you are comprised of four main elements, and one overarching element that brings everything together; it makes you whole. Beautifully enough, each of your elements corresponds to an element in nature because we are an integral part of it.

Let’s dive into each element.

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Imagine that your body is filled with pure air. You can even imagine some puffy clouds floating inside your feet or belly. Feel the lightness inside you. You are now getting in contact with the incredible gift of your intellect, infinite learning capacity, and language.

When we reach wholeness, the inner monkey chatter doesn’t crush us, and we don’t toss and turn in bed not able to shut off the inner noise. You likely know what I am talking about!

Instead, we can think clearly and with focus. And the beauty of wholeness is that all of our other elements come to help: our ideas flow with spontaneity, creativity, passion, and integrity.

Now imagine that your body is filled with soil, rocks, roots of trees and plants. Feel the weight in your limbs and imagine the smell of the earth. Now you are

re-connecting with your physical body and the entire nature.

When whole, we don’t ignore the cues of our body. We respect each and every twinge or pulsation. We do not ignore the language of our body, and we see and hear everything around us instead of being stuck in the prison of our mind.

Additionally, with the support of our other elements, we feel an inner flow, heal faster, and our thoughts reflect the wisdom of our body.

Visualize that you are filled with water from your crown to your feet.

Feel the fluid inside you, the power of its flow, and release what you don’t need. Welcome to the wisdom of all of your emotions and the power of your creativity!

Life is animation and flow, and not stagnation. When we feel whole, we allow the energy of happiness as much as the energy of even the most “negative” emotions to flow through us, to help us find what’s true for us in life. When whole, we don’t hold onto anything and don’t let stagnant energy weigh us down.

When fragmented, the message gets stuck inside our body, trying to tell us what we need to know. Have you ever gotten stuck in anger or frustration for more than a few minutes?

Spirit (Fire)

Can you pretend for a moment that your body is filled with an inner fire? Can you hear the crackling inside you?

Your inner fire is your fuel and lights up everything inside you because it gives your life meaning and purpose. It pulls you through even the inconceivable.

When respected, it literally lights you up with unstoppable energy. However, when ignored, it leaves lots of ashes and amber inside you that are calling to be ignited. But instead, they just scatter all over your being and yearn to find the spark that can support your wholeness.

Awareness (Space)

This is the icing on the cake. Imagine a benevolent observer, a version of you that is infinite, peaceful and made with energy of love. This is the part of you that gets lost in the cacophony of your mind chatter or stagnant emotions.

Visualize your awareness as an infinite version of you, holding its arms around your shoulders, and telling you: Everything you desire is within you.

Did you perhaps recognize some of your inner fragmentation?

Trust that wholeness is within you. All your elements are waiting to be re-connected and to flow together like the most beautifully choreographed dance you have ever seen.


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