Ekadasi – Ideal Day For Fasting…

Ekadasi – Ideal Day For Fasting

According to numerology, Ekadashi being number 11, the master number, that is directly connected to spiritual awakening, and soul purpose. There is synchronicity, doubled vibration of the number 1, and a heightened effect of the commencement of a new journey, as the number system following the base 10, ends, and the number 11 starts a new cycle, providing one the most conducive moment to start afresh. The phalguna krishna ekadashi month (in the month),occurring after the uttarayana, promises true blooming, where the old withers away, and the new sprouts to life, with subtlety and grace.

Fasting on this day helps balance the water element in the body. This cures a number of ailments too. Nirjala or without water fasting is the ideal one. It helps one gain immense endurance, not just of the bodt but of the mind too. Before criticizing fasting one needs to understand that it is beyond andy religious connotations. If done with a sense of awareness, it helps the body and mind focus on what matters, as it does away with the unnecessary.

As moon governs the water element, this particular tithi (date) is ideal for fasting, be it waning ( krishna paksha) or waxing (shukla paksha) phase of the moon.

Even in farming, seeds are sown in the waxing phase of the moon and not in the waning phase of the moon. This has to do with the kind of activity of the water that happens in the soil, with the changing phase of the moon. This has direct connection with the germination and sprouting of seeds.


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