How You Can Effortlessly Change The World: A Meditation On Humanity…

How You Can Effortlessly Change The World: A Meditation On Humanity


“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” -Howard Thurman

A Positive Vulnerability

This planet has a positive vulnerability.

This vulnerability is an outright openness and desire to heal and to come more alive. And when we demonstrate this vulnerability a shift happens inside and all around us.  

Amongst others things, we are vulnerable to kindness, beauty, love and service. We are moved emotionally, chemically and spiritually when we see these powerful displays of humanity. You are a healer of humanity.

And you are here to serve, to come more alive and to heal the planet. Are you ready to embrace service as an expansion of your gifts and creative power rather than a sacrifice?

Now is the perfect time to get your best humanity on and rock the planet with your special gifts of love and light.

Centered in Service

A powerful place to begin the journey towards expressing your ever expanding and inspiring humanity is to witness the creative nature of service through kindness.

Researchers have determined that when we express a kind act towards another person, that person’s “happy hormone”, serotonin, increases, and from there a reduction of stress ensues that helps to bring about a healthier physiology.

Your kindness is a healing agent for the one you served. But wait, there is more!

You as the “server of kindness” also get an up leveling of serotonin – thus, you too are “healed.”

And possibly more wonderful than all of these experiences is that if one or a hundred “innocent” and unsuspecting bystanders witnesses this act of kindness, they too get their serotonin levels massaged and empowered.

Indeed, there is a positive vulnerability on the planet for you to step up and shine the way towards a more alive expression in you and all around you.

Create Love

There is so much good to do, and you will become more alive to the degree that you serve.

Courageously take on the role as “love creator” and look for people to heal, places to shine and movements to make through your heart centered leadership.

Set an intention each morning to go on a hunt for serving opportunities.

Be the one who smiles first, the one who does not gossip and the one who is all about raising the vibration in every interaction.

Decide right now that you will be the most courteous commuter, the one who hugs longer and the one who is first to forgive.

Commit to finding the best in someone, and then  bei the one who takes the time to help that person see the best in themselves.

Right now you are given the choice to produce an epic love story — you are the writer, director and star. The world awaits your award winning performance and the inspiration to follow your lead!


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