Earthing, Inflammation, And Chronic Pain…

Earthing, Inflammation, And Chronic Pain

“If you lose relationship with nature, you lose relationship with humanity.” Krishnamurti 1983


This last year has been intense and controversial, with lockdowns, and remote working turning our lives upside down. I have been understanding lately how closely we are linked to the Earth, and how most of our lives it is never incorporated sufficiently in order to achieve inner balance. A very interesting documentary was released a few years ago revealing the importance of grounding and how it can improve our health and overall life. You can watch it here.

The Earth is part of our cosmic body. The moment we disconnect from it, we cause an imbalance in our homeostasis. It is a conductor charged with electromagnetic frequencies, and the act of grounding helps to restore your biological body. As living organisms, we need electrons to charge our bodies. The moment our feet touch the ground, there is a transfer of electrons slowly going into the body.

The conventional healthcare systems rely on expensive interventions and the suppression of symptoms. They are not too interested in incorporating a more holistic lifestyle that can eliminate disease. Most diseases today are caused by inflammation, but inflammation is not the root cause. Most conventional medicine targets the symptoms and not the cause of the problem.

We have a pain epidemic in the world. Most people treat that with opioids and traditional medicine. You do not need a physician to prove to you that earthing and connecting to nature is part of your healing process. There have been numerous studies proving exactly that, from treating chronic inflammatory and autoimmune diseases, managing anxiety, helping autistic individuals to manage meltdowns and shutdowns, and much more. 

It is now more important than ever to understand the link between us and the Earth and the importance of how this deep unconditional relationship we have can transform our lives. Just 30 minutes of conscious connection to the Earth can have an immediate impact on your biological body.

I have been managing my chronic pain using Mother Earth and her healing powers. Find below some tips that can help you maximize the effects of grounding:

Spend at least 20 to 30 minutes barefoot, you can stay in tadasana (both feet touching the ground firmly hands open on the side.)

Mindful walking: Walking barefoot massages acupuncture points on your feet. Make sure to apply all of your foot on the ground when you walk. When we bring your awareness to your feet, you will slow down automatically, and correct your posture.

Roll Around: Lying on the grass, sand, or even rolling around, can have amazing effects for elevating your mood and reducing inflammation in the body. You can stay in Savasana (lying on your back, let the arms and legs drop open) allowing your body to relax, and for your energy to help achieve hormonal balance.

Earthing and Visualization: You can be seated in a meditating pose or lying down, visualizing your seat bones grounding and rooting downwards toward the core of the earth. This practice can bring great healing to the mind and help you focus on the present and feel more whole.



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