Dzi Beads: The Precious Jewels Of Tibetans…

Dzi Beads: The Precious Jewels Of Tibetans

Dzi Beads

Tibetans have long valued precious gems and stones, proclaiming their energetic healing properties and spiritual benefits.

From turquoise to quartz, even copper and silver- they are no stranger to embracing the earth’s elements.

But perhaps their most prized stone is the dzi stone.

Often made into beads and other jewelry, Tibetans have venerated dzi almost since the time they began as a people.

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So what makes this stone so important to the Tibetans?

Tibetans first discovered it when warriors brought it back from wars in various countries surrounding India.

Believed to ward off the “evil eye” (an evil stare that brings on a curse), the dzi was immediately taken seriously by the people.

Artisans made the dzi stones into amulets with eyes on them, granting the wearer protection from this evil stare.

As time went by, however, Tibetans began to use them to do more than just ward off the evil eye.

How They’re Made

Creating the design of the stone was not easy; artisans used techniques that are still unknown to this day.

Each of their unique designs has a special meaning and healing property.

But today, dzi stones are made in a special facility, using state-of-the-art techniques.

Healing Properties

Tibetans cherish the original dzi beads brought to their country so many centuries ago.

By this time, hundreds of devoted Buddhists have worn the beads, making their energy that much more powerful- especially if they’re a family heirloom.

But it’s believed by many Tibetans that the ancient dzi energy can actually be transmitted into one of the newer stones, giving them the same innate healing abilities.

This means the man-made versions can be just as powerful…which is great if you can’t afford to spend thousands of dollars for an original!

Here are just a few of their healing properties:

  • Longevity- dzi is said to help heal a person’s ability to remain calm, giving them a longer lifespan.
  • Good fortune- dzi is said to attract good vibrations wherever it goes.
  • Wealth and power- dzi has a magnetizing effect on other people and situations by increasing the magnetism of the wearer, drawing situations and events into a person’s experiences.

In addition, the quartz has the ability to heal on multiple levels- physical, mental, and spiritual.

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