Dreaming Helps Us Live Longer…

Dreaming Helps Us Live Longer

“A Lack of Dreaming can Make us Sick”

With all the anxiety, stress, and busyness that we have these days… lots of people are not sleeping well and that’s a big challenge. We, now know that lack of deep sleep can lead to disease and that will shorten a person’s life.

People Not Dreaming – In the last 20 years, most people have some much stress that they are not getting the deep sleep they need.

Beta Wave Forms – Normal Waking State – Right now we are in waking state with lots of excitement going on in our brain which is normal.

Alpha Wave Forms – Relaxation State – Then we have rest and relaxation time which puts us into an Alpha Brain Wave State in our brain and that is created with relaxing music, meditation, chanting, and more. But many people who are stressed to the max are not able to achieve this restful Alpha Brain Wave State no matter what… and thus they have lots of stress.

Theta Wave Forms – Dream State – At night after we pass through Alpha Wave Forms or restful state… we pass into dream state or Theta Wave Forms and at this point, we start to dream and make sense of the day. In this deeper state, some healing of our body takes place. But many people are not able to achieve Theta or Dream State and thus they are not healing.

Deep Delta Wave Forms – Deep Rest – Then later in the night we would normally enter into a deep state called Deep Delta Wave Form in our brain where we have rapid eye movements under or eyelids. In this deep 20 to 40 minute period of sleep that comes and goes… our body repairs and recoups and heals everything that needs to be healed. But people are not even able to get into Alpha Wave or Theta Wave State let alone attain Deep Delta Restorative Sleep State. Thus their bodies are not restored and disease starts to take over.

What Can We Do? – Meditation helps our brain to harmonize and achieve Alpha and Theta Brain Wave States. Chanting also helps a person to relax and relaxing music also works wonders. Also, we need to turn off all the electronics and spend time in nature which also helps to achieve deeper states of relaxation.

We Need to Go Back to Simpler Ways of Living – We need to go back to simpler ways of living… letting go of our electronic age and moving to a more agrarian society once again. That may sound strange, but many people are doing just that right now… living a simpler life. And you know what? They sleep well at night.

Many Blessings to Everyone!


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