Don’t Worry, Be Happy Use Garnet…

Don’t Worry, Be Happy Use Garnet

We know that everything holds energy and that crystal energies are used in many ways since ancient times. Sometimes it is as simple as an added piece of jewelry to accent your outfit or mood, to release negative energy from a room, a gift for someone or to place under your pillow so you sleep deeply. During different stages of my life, my attraction towards crystals has varied. A few age-old favorites are labradorite, citrine, carnelian and garnet.

As a long-time qigong/yoga teacher working with traditional Chinese medicine and Five Element Theory, my focus on the season of Late Summer has garnet calling out to me. Garnet aids in releasing negativity and improves the flow of energy (qi) from head to toes.

The season of Late Summer resonates with the organs of spleen/stomach and the element of earth. Emotionally, this is the season when worry creeps in. Working with garnet is a simple and effective tool to connect deeply with earth element reminding us of our deep connection with earth, feeling safe in our tribe and staying present and confident.

Garnet is a stone for self-worth, strength and abundance. Garnet is a spiritual stone used for connection with divine, allows us to aid others and feel gratitude at a deep, heart-centered space.

Easy ways to integrate garnet into your life is to meditate with garnet, wear it as jewelry or place in your pocket. Simple right?


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