Don’t Chase Your Plan Adapt It…

Don’t Chase Your Plan Adapt It

Following the plan does not mean that we cannot modify our strategy. We can always change the plan as we go along to fit the requirements of the overall goal. We must not change it to match our needs, but we can always modify it to fit the dream requirement; call it adaptability.

When we write a plan, we can write it as a starting point, and then we can always overrule it with a better plan as long as we start and work towards our significant goals. We often change the destination to match the plan when it should be the other way around. We can change plans as many times as we want as long as we don’t change the vision and dream. Don’t judge yourself in the process of growth.

Me and My friend:

Suppose a friend of mine is standing behind me. My friend yells my name. How do I respond? I don’t have to go forward to go around the world to meet him, right? To meet him, I will have to turn around and walk back to them. It is not always forward as we may perceive. We walk back, right, left, forward, wherever, the focus is the vision, the goal. Sometimes we enter a spiral, and we go around in circles before getting out of the loop. Be open to all shapes of life, and don’t think there is something wrong with you. Follow your course and keep looking for better options to get to your goals.

In another scenario, let’s say that I did decide to go around the world and halfway realize that I can turn around and still reach my friend quicker than going further in the same direction; then I should do that.

We have to monitor our plan consistently without being emotionally involved with it. Usually, the longer we are attached to a plan, the more emotionally attached we are, and it makes sense. However, we cannot allow emotional attachment to stop us from progressing. One way of analyzing if emotions are involved is to acknowledge that emotions will be involved whether we want it or not. Therefore, following the plan, decisions about visions have to be more calculated based on evidence and the available information. Dont look for a reason to change the plan. Follow the plan unless it has to be changed. Give it some time to take shape and be patient with it. But be open to change if we have to. It is a consistent conversation with ourselves and reality.


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