I’m Donna Lim-Truss, And This Is My Dharma…

I’m Donna Lim-Truss, And This Is My Dharma

Donna has been teaching group fitness classes for over 39 years (her first class being at a Detroit YMCA teaching high impact aerobics). Donna is the originator of Fitness Motivators and creator of the following programs: xGravity, Z.E.N., Interval Training (first in her area to offer a program mixed with cardio and weights, in 1989!) and co-creator of Z-Box Fitness. Donna’s main focus is to teach clients how to love themselves for who they are and not what society expects us to be. “Our body is a temple. We need to nourish it with love, acceptance, exercise, and nutritional foods. Do not poison it. After all, this is the only body we were given and we need to treat it with respect.”

Donna has over 35 years emphasizing knowledge of business management, an extensive entrepreneurial background, and as a freelance graphics/web designer. Donna decided to make a lifetime commitment to help others reach their fitness goals by teaching fun, energetic original classes. Donna’s goal was to reach out to those who were intimidated in an exercise class, especially assisting women who felt shy about their bodies, and those who desired quicker results. You do not need to exercise hard in order to see results. No Pain No Gain is a statement that Donna disagrees with. Donna and her Team teaches the proper way to exercise and will help clients make fitness a way of life, not just a temporary fix.

Personal or Professional Goals:

My goal is to help our clients reach their fitness goals.

What’s Your Offering to the World?

Teaching group exercise classes has been a passion of mine for almost four decades. Each person that I can help reach his or her goal (mind-body-spirit) brings a smile to my face and well worth it!

Who/What Inspires You?

Seeing that student who stands in the back of the room who eventually makes her or his way up to the front. The transformation is exciting and amazing!!!


I strive to offer a fun, quality fitness and yoga program to get students motivated and help them achieve their fitness goals. Adding these programs to their health and fitness plan is just one of the many facets of a complete fitness program.

Favorite Quote:

Live your life. Love this very moment.

Any other relevant information you think our readers would love to know about you! Goals are especially popular and it helps our followers to really reach for something more and improve themselves hearing about inspirational people
I refuse to allow a recent injury run my life! Nor will I allow an abusive childhood (read below) dictate who I am or where I will go in my life. If I can preserve, so can you!

Born to Asian immigrants and raised in the heart of Detroit, Michigan, Donna and Debbie (twin-sister) were products of a very strict and, to say the least, a complicated upbringing. They lived in various children homes, were on their own at 15, and at times, homeless. Their lives were a struggle – often unbearable – but their determination and belief that anything is possible, was unusually strong.

www.fitnessmotivators.com; www.limtwins.com




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