Does Understanding Spiritual Scriptures Always Need A Guru?…

Does Understanding Spiritual Scriptures Always Need A Guru?

The Spiritual Scriptures Hold the Sacred Words Spoken by the Lord Himself

Spiritual scriptures are the Lord’s spoken words to help us conduct our lifestyle in the right direction and lift us up in the Spiritual realm, the end goal of which is liberation from all kinds of suffering. These sacred scriptures are revered by those who understand their value. They are divine instruments that inspire us to know our real identity and get us ready to seek the invisible.

But spoken words from the past Enlightened Masters can be deciphered in uncountable ways. Hence we may be unsure whether what we have grasped is exact or not. So, who can clarify our doubts and who can guide us if we, by mistake, are going wrong?

Guru Indeed Is Needed To Ensure that We Rightly Understand The Scriptures!

One who has done an in-depth study of the scriptures himself can explain them to us and can show us the “real” meaning of these scriptures. Such a competent person is called Guru!

Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan has always emphasized the significance of Guru in one’s life. He says that Guru is a living guide. Guru is like a friend who shows us the right path when we are lost somewhere in life. He acts like a third eye as he clears up the path and provides direct light when we are in confusion. Be it for worldly or spiritual endeavors, a Guru is needed at each and every level in our life.

Thus, to comprehend and interpret the right meaning of the scriptures, it is always advisable to believe in the fact that we indeed need a Guru to understand the spiritual scriptures.

Trying to understand the scriptures, maybe without a Guru but with an intention of liberation, may help us accumulate merit karma that eventually makes us meet up a genuine Guru. But mind you, by walking on the path without a Guru, we stand a big risk of going astray too.

Enlightened Guru Gives Not Only Understanding, but Also Gives The Experience

The invaluable Knowledge locked in the spiritual scriptures can be perfectly imparted only by an Enlightened Master i.e. Gnani Purush, who has attained Self-Realization. It is because he has actually experienced those words spoken by the Lord!! And Gnani Purush imparts this knowledge not only in words, but also graces us with the initial experience of it; he gives us the right vision to behold these learnings in its exact meaning.

It is impossible to attain right vision independently. Just like a goldsmith is needed to extract gold from an ornament, Gnani (the Enlightened One) is needed to grace us with the right vision. He’s needed right up to the stage where we attain the ultimate liberation.

Enlightened Guru Needs To Be Living To Show Where We are Wrong

Furthermore, a Living Gnani Purush alone can show us our individual mistakes that are obstructing us from progressing on the path of ultimate Liberation, for He is present in person for our salvation. Therefore the blessings of such Living Enlightened Guru, for us, count the most!

And in his blessings, the blessings of the Enlightened Gurus who’ve left the physical plane too automatically get included, because elementally, all Enlightened Gurus are on the same plane.

We are fortunate that presently we have such Living Gnani Purush present in person amidst us. Therefore, there is no question of you not finding one! You just have to approach him and get your work done!!


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