Does The Soul Have Infinite Energy And is It Indestructible?…

Does The Soul Have Infinite Energy And is It Indestructible?

The Soul is permanent and that which is permanent can never be destructed. It is there forever! Thus, no Soul has ever been created nor has it ever been destructed.

The Soul is seen to be taking birth after birth, but really, it just migrates from one place to another

The Soul is pure and constant – such is its inherent property. Even at the time of death, the Soul does not get destroyed. When one’s last breath is going on:

the Soul, along with the causal body and the electrical body, leaves the old physical body (this event is called death) and,

at the same moment, the Soul gets into a new physical body (this event is called birth).

Based on the causal body (comprising of karma), the Soul reaches its suitable destination and finds the mother’s womb, where it happens to reside. There onwards, the karmas from causal body begin to discharge in a sequence. Consequently, the physical body grows in the womb. Later, the baby is born. And then, events keep unfolding throughout life, according to the karmas done in the past life.

While the discharge of the old karmas is happening; simultaneously, new karmas are getting charged. These karmas go on to form the new causal body, which at the time of death, leaves along with the Soul and the electrical body.

Every phase is destructible, but the Soul is eternal

The different phases such as the phase of youth, the phase of old age, etc. come, and then, are slowly destroyed; but the Self (the Soul) has always remained the same. So, it is the phase that comes to an end. The phase arises, remains for some time, and then comes to an end. That which arises can never be eternal and the Soul is an eternal thing; it never arises nor ends, thus it is indestructible.

Suppose there is pure gold from which a bangle has been created. After a few years, the bangle is melted and a ring is made out of it. Now if gold could speak, it would cry aloud at every instance, ‘I am a bangle; Oh! I died; I am now reborn as a ring; Alas, I will die in some time.’

Only the goldsmith could calm it down by explaining to it the reality, ‘Look, You are pure gold! You are neither a bangle, nor a ring, nor any earring; these are all only temporary phases, while You are really pure gold only.’

Now, just like the goldsmith understands the properties of gold, the Enlightened One (Gnani) understands the properties of Soul. Gnani has the spiritual power to make us experientially realize, ‘I am Pure Soul, I am real, I am eternal, I am immortal; and everything else is relative and temporary.’

The Akram Gnani explains,

“Here, by giving Self-Realization, within two hours, we are changing your wrong belief to the right belief. John (you may insert your name here) is separate. All this relative (John and everything related to John) is temporary, and the real (the Soul) is permanent. We are giving knowledge to you. You believe, “I am John, I am father, I am brother, I am son.” Now, we are giving you real knowledge, “You are Pure Soul. You are infinite knowledge. You are infinite energy. You are infinite bliss. You are permanent (indestructible). You are immortal.” Thus, your belief gets changed.

In the past, you had wrong belief. Due to this wrong belief, you have charged atoms. It is called karma. In past life, you had wrong belief, due to that you charged so many karmas. Due to the charged karma, in this life they get discharged. From birth to death, it is discharge karma now. After Self-Realization, you do not have any new wrong belief, you have right belief. So you are not going to charge any new karma now.

The Soul’s matter has remained pure all the time. The Soul’s properties of knowledge, vision, energy, bliss remain permanent and pure. Only the belief was wrong. Now, (by the grace of the Enlightened One), you are changing that wrong belief to right belief.”

The Soul is so subtle that even if one puts it on fire, it doesn’t get burnt!

Soul is in the form of light that needs no place, no support; such is the radiance of the Soul!

If you place ice on the Soul, it doesn’t become cold; if you pass a sword through the Soul, it doesn’t get cut. If we move our hand through it, the Soul does not touch our hand. That’s how Soul is! It can even travel through the mountains; such is this Soul! It is infinite energy and is indestructible.

The infinite energy is in the form of the infinite knowledge and the infinite vision, which is present in the Soul alone; there is no knowledge or vision in any other element in this Universe. The Soul has infinite light (of knowledge), infinite vision, infinite energy (strength) and infinite happiness. In its light alone, we are able to know things, experience them, etc.

The Soul can be Experienced only with the grace of One who has Experienced it.

As one is not able to comprehend this subtlest and the most profound element in the universe, called ‘the Soul’ which is one’s real form (our real Self); one is surrounded by endless questions regarding the Soul. The answers are there, but we can experience the Soul only by attaining the true Vision of Soul.

This Vision that transcends all imaginations can be attained only from the Enlightened One who has already attained that Vision. Just like, suppose there is an enlightened candle and we want to light another candle with this enlightened candle, then the candle to be lighted is required to come in the presence of the enlightened candle. By the grace of the enlightened candle, another candle is enlightened instantly, isn’t it?! Similarly here, with the grace of the Living Enlightened One, we can get our Soul enlightened instantly within an hour.

So come, let’s go where the Enlightened One is, and get our Soul enlightened to attain the vision of the Soul that is indestructible and has infinite energy.


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