Does The Soul Even Wander? If Yes Then Why?…

Does The Soul Even Wander? If Yes Then Why?

Yes! the Soul does Wander

The journey of Soul encompasses two types of wandering:

1. on account of development, and

2. as a result of bound karmas

First, as Stated in Darwin’s Theory, Living Being Develops to the Point of a Human Form

The Soul is made up of infinite knowledge and infinite vision. However, every Soul begins its journey from a stage where it is fully covered by layers of karma over it. Hence, there is complete darkness of ignorance; not a ray of light of knowledge is able t come out.

Suppose we take a block of wood on which there’s a lot of mud stuck onto it and we put it in a pond of water. It will sink right down, isn’t it? Now, as the mud keeps dissolving, the block of wood will gradually come up. When all of the mud is removed, the block will float on water.

This is how the coverings on the Soul also dissolve. One after another covering opens up and one is born as a one-sensed, then two-sensed, then a three-sensed living being. One keeps taking experience and goes on rising higher in development. Until one comes in human form, it is all a natural development.

After coming to the human form, because of the presence of the ego, he becomes the doer. He becomes the doer of karmas which is the cause; and therefore he has to endure the effects of his causes.

If he creates a debit (bad) karma, he reincarnates in the animal form or hell. And if he creates credit (good) karma, he is born as a celestial being or comes as a human being again, where he will enjoy material comforts and luxuries. So after coming into the human form, everything depends upon these debits and credits. Based on the karmas one has bound, one can go into any of the four life-forms. From human, one can become a donkey or a fish or can even go in hell or to heaven and become a celestial being.

Thus, “Improve the Karmic Seeds You are Planting”, says Gnani, the Enlightened One.

1. “If someone does this to me, I do not like. Then how can I do that to someone?” With such thought, if one immediately stops doing a wrong deed, that is called humanity. If one has such humanity, one will be seen back in the human form in his next birth.

2. People indulging in corruption, malpractices, injustice, etc. that we can see everywhere, are those who will have to go in the animal form. They hurt others and become happy, what a big risk that is! They don’t realize that they are causing hurt to others just for the sake of their own happiness, for their selfish interest, due to which they have to go in animal birth. If one does not desist from hurting others, one goes to the animal form.

3. If throughout the whole life, one lives for the happiness of others only eg. Saint Jalaram, Sai Baba, etc., then he is born in the celestial form.

4. And for no good reason, if one kills others; and also takes pleasure in it, “I shot one arrow and brought an end to that animal’s life”; or some people explode a bomb and 200-500 people get killed; having bound such karma, one will have to go to hell.

However, if one repents over his bad deeds, then one can be reborn as a human. Therefore, for every wrong deed that may have happened by us, we must recall such deed and sincerely repent before God that, “Oh God! I seek forgiveness for my deeds. I do not want to hurt any living being, not even in my thoughts, nor through my speech or actions.”

In life forms other than human i.e. the animals or celestial beings or beings in hell, they only experience the effects of their past karma and return to human life-form. Suppose one has bound extra-ordinary good karma at say 55 miles of development, one goes to heaven, experiences the effects of their good karma and returns to human form. One advances in development from 55 miles onwards. He has to complete 100 miles of development.

Due to Ignorance, One is Binding Karma and is Constantly Wandering in the Four Life-Forms

Not knowing really ‘who am I’, one wrongly believes, ‘I am the body. I am the doer.’ Due to these wrong beliefs there is death and rebirth, life after life, for countless of lifetimes in different life-forms, namely:

1. Celestial

2. Human

3. Animal

4. Hell

When One Attains Self-Realization, His Wandering in Four Life-Forms Stops

Ultimately, when one gets Self-Realization, the worldly development completes there; new karmas stop being charged then. If one stops binding karma and finishes all the old karma effects, then one attains liberation. Thus, to attain liberation, one must obtain the knowledge of the Self (Self-Realization). This can be obtained from the Living Gnani in just two hours time through Akram Science. To know more, you may visit

Until A Person Realizes The Self, The Soul Wanders Around From One Place To Another

Thus, the journey of Soul…

1. begins from a total dormant stage where no knowledge or no vision of Soul is exposed at all;

2. then, when a little covering from over the Soul gets removed, little light of Soul comes out; and one sense is developed. With this, the particular living being comes in this world;

3. thereafter, it gradually develops from one-sensed to two-sensed, three-sensed, four sensed, five-sensed living being and evolves upto human form;

4. when the Soul comes into human life-form, his mind, intellect, ego get developed; and

5. finally, with the grace of Gnani, when he attains Self-Realization; and following Gnani’s words, finishes all the karmas, he achieves ultimate liberation. There is no more wandering after that!


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