Does The Law Of Karma Apply Only To This Birth Or Does It Apply To Previous And Past Births?…

Does The Law Of Karma Apply Only To This Birth Or Does It Apply To Previous And Past Births?

The law of karma applies to this birth as well as to the previous and past births too.

Karma is the cause for our worldly existence. One’s entire existence is a result of karma – from the formation of the body to every single detail about us; this includes our thoughts, actions and the words we speak and everything that we encounter in life. Everything is our own projection…everything!

What is karma?

In common parlance, karma means the visible actions i.e. working, cooking, studying, doing religious activities, etc.

However, Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan specifies, “To support any action with the claim, “I am doing it,” is karma.”

So, the claim of doership behind any action binds karma. Owing to the false belief of one’s true Self that, ‘I am the body, the name’, one believes that, ‘I am doing’, and thus one continues to charge karmas.

Karma is the echo of our past life deeds. For example, when one says, ‘I am a king’ in the mountains, the same words echo back, don’t they? Similarly, in our present life, we experience the effects of our past life causes.

That which is happening right now in our current life is the effect. For example, the past life causes are just like you’ve submitted your exam paper, and what you receive in this life is the effect, the result of the exam you’d written. So, the causes that were created in your past life bring fruits to you in this life.

The bondage of karmas is through inner intent.

The external actions are all merely a result of the intentions made in the past births. Generally, people term all visible actions or activities as ‘karma’. But in reality, the activity they see is the fruit of karma i.e. a result of the intentions made in the past births. The intention of giving happiness to others binds good karma and the intention of hurting others will bind bad karmas.

When one karma discharges i.e. unfolds to give its result, another through our present intention is charged. Hence the cycle of karma continues…

However, it is possible to be free from karma and that too in this very lifetime, because only humans can bind karma. In all other life forms, there is only discharge of karma happening from the old stock of karma. As a human being, one can become free from the bondage of karma when they meet ‘the Enlightened One’ and with His grace, they attain Self-Realisation.

In Akram Vignan, the Enlightened One destroys all our deluding karmas and puts in a line of demarcation that separates who am I (the Soul, the Self) and who am I not (everything besides the Soul that we claim to be ours, the non-Self). With this grace, we become aware of the Self. Once awakened, the awareness never leaves us.

Thereafter, with the help of practical daily examples, the Enlightened One explains how to conduct our life so that new karmas do not get charged. We acquire from Him the specific right understanding of ‘who is the doer’ too.

When we realise, ‘Who am I’ and also obtain the knowledge of, ‘Who is the doer’, we can dissipate all our past karmas very smoothly, with equanimity, by remaining in the awareness of, ‘I am a pure Soul.‘ and thus easily progress on the path of liberation.


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