Does Spirituality Help To Purify The Heart And Progress In Life?…

Does Spirituality Help To Purify The Heart And Progress In Life?

Yes, it certainly does!

As long as purity does not arise, liberation (Moksha) cannot actually be attained. For Purity, the realization of “Who am I?” must take place. – Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan

Spirituality means:

1. Attaining the realization of “Who am I” (Self-Realization) from the Enlightened One, and

2. Following the Aagnas (the spiritual instructions) of the Enllightened One,

to help reach the ultimate goal of liberation (Moksha). A pure heart and good progress in life are the natural outcomes or milestones achieved on the path of spirituality.

Let’s dwell into this a bit deeper…

“Who am I?”

Since birth, we are told, “You are Sonia” (please place your name here). Accordingly, wherever we go, we introduce ourselves to be Sonia. How long will the identity of Sonia last? Till age 90? Then what? Ultimately, Sonia dies away. And in course of time, her body, name, fame, wealth, health, and family, everything dies away.

But you remain!

You remain in the next birth elsewhere. So who are you then? Sonia is your temporary identity. But what is your real and permanent identity? To know this fact is called spirituality!

The Realization of “Who am I?”

To know ‘who am I?’ is called Self-Realization. This is the first goal on the path of spirituality.

In today’s age, Akram Vignan, the stepless path to Self-Realization, has made it possible for even a common man to attain Self-Realization very easily. One just has to attend a Ceremony called Gnan-vidhi, where the Living Gnani (the Enlightened One) graces him with Self-Realization.

An Enlightened Soul, with his divine spiritual powers, enlightens our Soul!!!

I realize that really, “I am a Pure Soul.” After the Self-Realization, it becomes easy to keep Sonia separate in all my dealings as Gnani has put in a line of demarcation between the Soul and Sonia during the Gnanvidhi Ceremony. With this, my belief that, ‘I am indeed the one who is having this good or bad thought’ also drops.

How does the Realization of “Who am I?” Help Purify the Heart and Progress in Life?

Once I know, “I am a Pure Soul”, my attachments and abhorrence, which are the source of impurities, automatically loosen up. This happens because the attachments and abhorrence were all along founded on the foundation of my very belief that, “I am Sonia and hence I am thinking, I am speaking, I am doing everything.” In fact, my greatest attachment was towards Sonia as I always believed myself to be that.

On the path of spirituality, when I attain Self-Realization, my conviction gets founded on the fact that, “I am a Pure Soul.” So, I have the right vision now! And this vision is not confined to my own Self alone. I realize that like me, every living being is really a Pure Soul indeed.

Now, it is just about maintaining this right awareness of, “I am a Pure Soul and my nature is only to see and know.” For that, on the spiritual path, the Enlightened One gives us the Aagnas, which are simple instructions that will help enhance our awareness of the real Self.

As I follow the spiritual instructions, explained by the Enlightened One, the difference between ‘mine’ and ‘yours’ begins to dissolve.

It is this difference that was making my heart impure. This difference was the one that held me back from progressing ahead in life. My infinite energy that was blocked in this divide of ‘You’ and ‘I’, ‘mine’ and ‘yours’ so far, gets unlocked after spiritual enlightenment. And as I follow the right understanding, given by the Enlightened One, more and more, it allows me to render my duties with a pure heart now, and helps me progress in both, the worldly and the spiritual realms, by leaps and bounds because I am one with everyone now!


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In June 1958, spontaneous Self-Realization occurred within Ambalal M. Patel. From this point on, Ambalal became a Gnani Purush, and…

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