Does Something Like Life Justice Or Karma Exist?…

Does Something Like Life Justice Or Karma Exist?

What is it that makes one an established, a powerful or the most influential person in any field?

Some say it is hard work while some say it is sheer dedication; for few it is sacrifice that leads one there and few others believe it is talent, many attribute it to one’s good-luck and many people give it the name of destiny or hold karma responsible!

So what is it actually?


Let’s understand…

The law of karma suggests, ‘what we sow, so shall we reap’! It means whatever I am experiencing through my five senses today, is the result of my past deeds. Karma unfold in the form of cause and effect! Whatever intentions we’ve made in our past life bear fruits in this life in the form of success or failure.

If our intentions have been good in past life (good causes are sown), it fetches positive results and achievements in this life (good effects are reaped), and vice-versa. Therefore, whenever we achieve something, we should understand that it’s my good karma that have come into fruition.

Our whole life depends on this cause-effect cycle only. Hence, we can say that things just happen, but not without a cause.

For example, suppose I was walking on the road and suddenly it just happened that a thorn pricked in my leg. The question arises, why only I got pricked and no one else walking on that road? This means something beyond should be existing, isn’t it?

There are umpteen examples of people who have attained great success with miniscule efforts, people in whose lap good opportunities have suddenly fallen like a ripe fruit. When we say that these opportunities came their way because they were “lucky”, the immediate question that arises then is: on what criterion is one’s luck based? Obviously, it’s karma!

The theory of karma resolves such doubts and questions by stating that these are nothing but the effects of their past life causes, that have come into fruition! Since everything in this world is merely a cause-effect cycle of karma, we can claim that whatever happens in this world is justice!

Nevertheless, we must always put in our best positive efforts to accomplish any task, for we do not know what’s going to be the final outcome. Thereafter, whatever happens is correct!

Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan says that there are courts available for humans. But whatever is happening in this world is justice. Not even for a minute, the Nature has become unjust. Nobody has ever escaped from the law of Nature.


The knowledge of the science of karma puts to rest all our queries such as, ‘Why me? Or Why am I unable to succeed?’ We understand that whatever effects are coming forth in our life today, are a result of our own past causes that we’ve made in past. Therefore, with this knowledge we are able to pass through those effects with equanimity. And by putting in best efforts with positive intentions corrects the new causes for next life too!


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