Does Rebirth Really Happen Or Its An Illusion Of Emotion?…

Does Rebirth Really Happen Or Its An Illusion Of Emotion?

Rebirth or Reincarnation is indeed a complex concept which is understood and misunderstood equally by those who believe in it by part/ by far, the seekers of spirituality and those who deny the same having the perception that spirituality is a dogma and not science.

But in the current era of Kaliyuga, if not for a spiritual purpose, at least for the sustenance of a happy-contented life, we must try to understand the ‘Rebirth’ or ‘Reincarnation’ principle which, if simply put, explains our Past, Present and Future. Failing to understand the crucial role of the ‘rebirth concept’ in sustenance of a happy-contented life, we may proliferate outwardly but will diminish internally and fall in the infinite void of ‘a lifeless life’ or ‘a happy life’!

We have numerous books available onsite and on-shelves, but do we have any source of right and practical understanding about the rebirth which can pave the path from ‘illusion to illumination’ for both spiritual and science seekers?

Fortunately, we are blessed to have the Akram Vigyan (Science), a ‘step-less path to self-realization’ which is divinely designed and devised for one and all by the great spiritual maestro and the moksha scientist Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan aka A.M.Patel (Dadashri), a simple family man, enlightened through Self-Realization. Being himself the Moksha-scientist, Param Pujya Dadashri certainly blesses us with the divine knowledge on rebirth and solves all the related puzzles via the Akram Pearls.

Akram’s Conclusion- Rebirth is Not an Illusion But Karmic Resolution :

Each life is a previous life (for the next life), meaning, each life is linked with the previous life. There is reincarnation (rebirth) and the karmic account of one’s previous life gets settled through that. These are all karmic accounts that are being settled. Just as the accounts in the ledger are settled, similarly, these are all karmic accounts that are being settled.

If you do not believe in reincarnation, then the word “prarabdha” (destiny) should not be present in your vocabulary. Christian, Muslim and other religion’s language is complete, but the belief is incomplete. Fortune, contrivance, lucky, unlucky – where did they get all that from? This is all a connection from the past life.

The one who wants worldly happiness has the ‘right to be reborn’. The one who does not want worldly happiness (wishes to be liberated from the cycle of birth and death) loses the right to be reborn.

Those who eat what is rightfully theirs, will incarnate as ‘humans’. Those who take what is not theirs by right, will incarnate as ‘animals’. Those who give away to others, what is rightfully their own, will incarnate as ‘celestial beings’. Those who hurt others and take away from them what is not theirs by right; will take birth in ‘hell’.

You are free to enjoy what is yours, but happily enjoying what is not yours will bind a strong karmic knot, and shall ruin many more future births of yours. But that knot will loosen up through pratikraman (repentance) and one will have the opportunity to become free.

Gnani’s Enlightened view on Birth-Death-Rebirth Askew:

“You see someone coming and going in the world but no one comes or goes. It is a deluded vision that makes you see the ‘coming and going’”, says Param Pujya Dadashri, “In reality, one does not die nor does he live. This is indeed a mistake in one’s belief that he believes himself to be jeev (the living being). One’s real form is Shiva (the Soul). It is not the Soul that is born or dies. The Soul is a permanent thing. This birth and death is of egoism. The egoism is born and the egoism dies. Truly speaking, the Soul never dies. It is indeed the ego that is born and it is the ego that dies. It is the ego that goes through the cycle of birth and death. The Soul (our real Self) remains in the very same state. When the ego comes to an end, its cycle comes to an end!

It is the Maya (the illusion that deceives the Self) that makes one take birth, it is maya that makes one get married, and it is maya that leads to death too. Whether one likes it or not, there is no choice. No one takes birth. Being born is an ‘effect’. Birth takes place automatically. If the causes are nurtured, rebirth is inevitable.

The Gnani Purush (the Enlightened One) can put a stop to the ‘causes’ and so, only the effect will remain. Because of anger-pride-deceit-greed, selfishness remains, and consequently one has no awareness of who dies or who takes birth. It is simply a wrong belief that has arisen. But after a long time, as one progresses, if he meets a Gnani Purush [the Enlightened One], he will acquire the awareness that birth and death is simply a phase.”


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