Does Inner Peace Really Come From The Internal Or External World?…

Does Inner Peace Really Come From The Internal Or External World?

It has been said that “Your calm mind brings inner strength and inner confidence.” Dallai Lama. Many books have been centred around the topic of ‘inner peace’ such as Peace in the Present Moment By E Tolle and B Katie.

In my experience when the mind’s “thinking-ness” is ‘at rest’, it is clear, aware and alert. Can inner wisdom and clear reason prevail from that presence of ‘inner peace’ ?

Where does this greater sense of ‘inner peace’ actually come from? Is it from the internal or is it from the external world ? Let’s see if we can experience the answer from the exercise below.

I have listed ten different situations of what profound peace looks and feels like in my experience.

1. Viewing a sunset or a sunrise.

2. The ease and flow of movement such as some ballet dancing, yoga and/or tai chi .

3. Yachts sailing.

4. A baby sleeping peaceful and sometimes just observing a baby itself.

5. The beauty of nature itself such as mountains and/or the ocean.

6. The stillness of a river.

7. The view from an aeroplane window, or a bird in flight.

8. Pets and animals that are ‘at peace’ which is usually most of them.

9. Smooth and soft surfaces.

10. Some forms of movement in sports themselves, such as the flight path of a basketball on its way to the hoop!

Now, can your write your own top ten ‘profound peace’ situations, and/or you are welcome to apply the one above? Can you read each ‘peaceful’ situation and allow yourself to experience that situation and really, really feel into that feeling of peace. Can you allow yourself to relax into that peaceful feeling for at least 30 seconds before moving to the next peaceful example. Can you complete that for all the ten examples?

Now, that you have completed that and are feeling very peaceful, can you notice there are ten completely different external situations, and yet the very same internal feeling is evident for all of them ? In my experience, peace does come from within and feels very freeing !

Can you enhance or expand this inner peace at anytime? The answer is ‘yes’ and emotional releasing is one way that I have experienced, that can happen. Through letting go of any feeling that appears to be ‘blocking’ inner peace, it is evident that inner peace can prevail for ultimately resonating with it in the external world too !


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