Does God Remain Helpful During Everyone’s State Of Happiness And Miseries?…

Does God Remain Helpful During Everyone’s State Of Happiness And Miseries?

Certainly yes!

Whenever we run into any problem, whom do we first remember? God! That quick little instant prayer, “Oh God, please help me!” happens even before we reach out for an instant messenger or a whatsapp.

When we have to take some very important or critical decision, even when we have consulted the best of the experts and have tapped all the vital sources of information, whom do we go to, to seek the final approval, whom do we beg for an assurance that our decision comes out right? God!

When there’s any good or auspicious occasion in our home or office, our building or institution, whom do we offer the highest seat of respect, whom do we treat with the greatest esteem, reverence and veneration? God alone!

And when we have achieved something, no matter whether it is a remarkable feat or a small little accomplishment, to whom do we say, “Thank-you”, first and foremost? To God!

Why?!… coz we very well know internally that God indeed is my closest One and also the strongest One! We have a firm faith that God surely listens to our prayers. We have a firm faith that when nobody can help, God can surely help; for he is the strongest. This is the reason why although one may have umpteen number of friends, God is everyone’s real best friend; he is the closest of all!

How do we strengthen our connection with God even more?

…by conversing with God, seeking from God, apologizing to God!

We have been taught the value of prayers to God right from an early age. Prayer is a means to converse with God, an instrument to seek what we want from Him, a medium to apologize to Him without any hesitation, for any kind of mistake that we may have made, no matter how severe it is.

Prayers, when said whole-heartedly, definitely bear result. Moreover, there is an experience of ample love, bliss, energy, support and divine protection within.

This is where God remains very helpful…

Ask for strength from God when in state of misery

Any state of misery or happiness that we experience in life is all a result of our own karma. Awareness arises within, when our karma gives us pain. That is when we pray, ‘Oh God, save me from these karma.’ To experience the fruit of our past karma is destiny. But, while experiencing the karma, to not bind any new karma is what our effort ought to be. This is where God remains very helpful. So, whenever any difficulty arises in life, we should always pray,

“Dear God! Please give me strength so that I come out of this difficulty with equanimity (peacefully)!”

Make a strong intent before God

Any pain or misery that we are given to undergo in life today, is because we’ve hurt someone previously. Every morning, when with all sincerity, we shall say the following prayer to God, it begins to change the tide. This intent serves to bring tremendous peace, prosperity and bliss into our life.

“Oh God, May no living being be caused any hurt through my thoughts, words or actions.”

Apologize before God for hurting others

After making the following intent in the morning, every night, before going to sleep, we must see where all we happened to hurt someone through the day. For every such instance, if we choose to apologize before God with true repentance in our heart, our sins can be washed, and thus our future miseries can be curbed. Moreover, amicable relations get established. This is where God remains very helpful.

“Dear God, I am sorry for having hurt this being. Please forgive me. I pledge that I shall never make this mistake again. Please grant me strength for that.”

Inspite of making a pledge, it may happen that the same mistakes repeat. Here, Gnani says, “Don’t bother, it’s because of the wrong intents that you have already made in past. But every time it happens, you continue to wash your mistakes, as explained above.”

We hurt people basically due to our own weaknesses. Our biggest weaknesses are anger, pride, deceit, greed. One who is completely free from all these weaknesses is God. Therefore, owing to our weaknesses, whenever we commit a mistake, we must surely seek pardon from God and vow to not repeat the mistake. However, we should not forget to ask God for strength to keep our vow. God will surely help us there!

Bowing before God with veneration in every state, be it a state of happiness or misery!

Whenever we remember God, we must offer our obeisance and pray to Him to help us attain the ultimate goal of life i.e. attain Self-Realization and get onto the path of moksha (salvation).

“Dear Lord, I offer my most respectful obeisances unto you!!!

Please make me just like you and take me to moksha (salvation).”

Gnani says, “At least 25 times in a day, this prayer should come to our mind.” If that happens, it means our bonding with God is getting genuinely stronger and our liberation gets quite nearer!

Who is Gnani?

Gnani is the Enlightened One who has realized God, and now helps people realize God. ‘God is our real Self’, he imparts this right knowledge that helps us achieve liberation and go to moksha.

The Self i.e. the real ‘I’ is the supreme Soul present within you, within me and within every living being. But until one happens to attain the right understanding of, ‘I am Pure Soul’, out of ignorance, one keeps believing, ‘I am John (you may insert your own name here).’ It is due to this ignorance that one binds karma. It is due to the karma that one keeps experiencing states of happiness and miseries.

Gnani, with his divine spiritual powers, helps us attain Self-Realization by giving us right vision. The world that we see by believing ‘I am Chandu’ is the vision through the physical eyes, and this other one that Gnani graces us with, is the Vision through real Knowledge. With this vision, we not only see ourselves as the pure Soul, but even externally, the pure Soul is Seen in every living being. “If you learn how to See through it, then Your work will be done!” says Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan. Thereafter, the states of happiness and miseries begin to cease, and we experience a state of bliss.

God cannot be seen; but we can see Gnani live, in person.

For many, it becomes difficult to develop keen interest in God as God cannot be seen. However, Gnani is the representative of God. He can be seen with our physical eyes. He is such that one does not have to do much to develop an interest in Him, it arises automatically. Everyone feels a natural attraction towards Him – we feel like seeing Him, we feel like being with Him all the time. When our interest sits in the Gnani, that interest directly reaches God!


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