Does God Really Exist?

Yes, God does exist.

But he does not reside in skies! Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan explains, “God is in every creature whether visible or invisible. God is in creature, not in creation. There are infinite invisible creatures which cannot be seen even under a microscope; God resides in all of them!”

Why does everything in my life work now?

In our life, we all experience two kinds of results.

When meritorious karma are unfolding, it yields positive results. Consequently, everything will keep happening according to your wish and will. Even if you take wrong decisions, right things will happen in your life. You will meet the right evidences, and circumstances shall come together according to your wish. Such is the nature of things when it’s time for positive results! And at other times, negative results so arise that even when you do everything right, you try for the best results, still things will turn wrong. When the time for negative results comes, everything starts happening against your wish.

Thus, it is these positive and negative results of our past karmas that are playing roles at different points of time in our life. One remains subservient to these two positive and negative energies until one attains Self-Realization.

When you realize, ‘who am I’, this is when you come in the nature of who you really are; in your original state of the ‘Pure Soul’ that you really are. The energy of the Self i.e. the Pure Soul is infinite. So after Self-Realization, positive and negative energies of unfolding karma will stop affecting you anymore. You are able to remain equanimous then, irrespective of how things work in your life.

But right now, you have not attained Self-Realization.

Gnani says, “Unless and until you are in a state to recognize the formless God (the Pure Soul within), worshipping God of your faith, and seeking his help, is a huge support to boost the divine energy in your daily life. There are many benefits of it:

• The worldly life keeps us so busy that we constantly think about material things such as making money, having a big house, car, etc. But, when we worship God, we realize there is some superior (and divine) force that we can think about. So, we stop thinking about our materialistic life, and consequently experience peace and happiness during that time.

• When we go through crisis in life, our strong faith towards God gives us immense strength to deal with such situation. The faith allows us to sail through the challenges in life without causing any harm to ourselves or others.

• When we worship God with pure love and devotion, we are sowing the seeds of merit karma. These seeds yield happiness in the form of good life and luck. We experience positivity around us easily and effortlessly. This reinforces our faith, love and devotion towards God.

• When we are surrounded in good environment, our thoughts mature and help us rise in spiritual development. This results in binding more merit karmas; with the help of which eventually we are able to meet Gnani, the Enlightened being, in person, (whom we should be searching for, to find the God residing within us!!!) This opens up the path of our ultimate liberation.

• When we meet Gnani (the Enlightened One), our interest sits in him; and that interest directly helps us reach the Soul. Therefore, Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan says, “Nurture interest in the Gnani Purush, the representative of God.”

• The living Gnani Purush helps us attain Self-Realization!!! He awakens our Soul by gracing us with the experiential knowledge of the Self. It is then that we know by experience that we ourselves are God!

Every-time, I ask God for help, I get help. How is that possible?

Whenever we want something, but are unable to get it, or are in need of some help and guidance but cannot procure it, we pray to God with immense faith, love and care in our heart. We surely receive what we pray for, when our prayer is true! Let’s understand how this becomes possible?…

At a vibrational level, prayers activate the energies of the divine beings, we seek assistance from. There are armies of divine celestial deities (Dev-Devis) in service of God, who are eager to help anyone who is truly seeking God’s assistance. They have tremendous merit karma lying to their credit by virtue of their pure desire to help people find the right path. Since they are in the celestial planes of existence, they have special powers to help the individuals seeking guidance and spiritual understanding to progress on the path of peace and permanent bliss. But we have to ask for help!

Generally, you cannot change the results of your previous life’s karma (deeds). However, there are different types of unfolding karmas. One type of karmas can be cleansed by praying to God, the second type can be cleared away through real spiritual effort (purusharth), and the third type is such that no matter how much effort we put in, there is no alternative but to experience suffering. The third kind is very sticky. In religious scriptures, these sticky or intense karmas are termed as ‘nikachit’ karmas, where one has to suffer the karma at all cost. But even then it is important that we pray to God for help. Prayers may not help dissolve the ‘nikachit’ karma, but it brings relief to the person bearing that karma by rendering internal stability and peace to go through that phase.

Moreover, worries arise when there is a perpetual sense of, ‘I am the one who has to do.’ This is a wrong belief. When you ask God for help, you are surrendering yourself into the lotus feet of God and freeing yourself of the doership. When our interference is removed, the obstruction in the form of our worries is removed; Nature is able to flow smoothly. It helps gather the right evidences and bring forth conducive circumstances to make things work for you.

Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan says, ask God for help, but for a greater meaning! We should ask God for strength that we lack, in order to reach our goal in life. Along with the other goals that you may have, to prosper well in the journey of life, everyone should have this one goal in life, that of ‘not to cause slightest hurt to anyone in life.’ For this, every morning, heartily recite this prayer five times: “Oh God! May no living being in this world be caused slightest hurt through my mind, speech or body.” And if someone misbehaves with you anytime, pray to Lord to grace that person.

Always have good intentions; and you will see that everything in your life will work, not only now, but forever!!


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