Does Enlightenment Bring A Different Mindset To A Person?…

Does Enlightenment Bring A Different Mindset To A Person?

Yes, it certainly does!

‘I’ (the real Self) is not John. But we believe, ‘I am John’; that verily is the subtlest ego.

Before enlightenment, a person’s entire mindset remains constantly under the influence of ego.

And since we do not really know who I am, we believe, ‘I am thinking. I am speaking, I am drinking tea, I am doing everything.’ This wrong belief of ‘I am the doer’ is called the subtlest egoism.

Furthermore, in John, there are both ‘I’ and ‘my’. They are like the two tracks of a railway line that always run together, yet they are separate. They are always parallel and never become one. Despite this, we believe them to be one. This is due to the ignorance or unawareness of our true identity.

During enlightenment, we realize ‘who am I

In Akram Vignan, through a process called Gnan Vidhi, the Enlightened One, with His divine spiritual powers, separates the Soul (the real Self) from everything that relates with John (the relative self), in just two hours time!!! This is called enlightenment of the Soul or Self-Realization. He does this out of sheer compassion for all of us; hence there’s no cost attached to this.

Thereafter, we attain the awareness of, “I am pure Soul.” We are able to experience the Soul. Besides that, He also gives us the divine vision with which we can see the Soul in every living being (Atmavat sarva bhuteshu)!!

The Enlightened One explains:

By wrong belief, you feel oneness with John, with the mind, thoughts, intellect, speech and behaviour of John. Whenever John makes a decision, you feel, ‘I am taking a decision.’ Someone insults John, you feel, ‘I have to suffer the insult.’

Your belief is wrong. Due to that wrong belief, you feel that, ‘I am suffering, I am doing, I am involved.’ It is because You remain in oneness with John, by the wrong belief.

There are 4 types of wrong beliefs (that have an impact on your mindset):

I am John.

This is my body. So with ‘my’ – the possessiveness, you are attaching with John

I am making food, doing a job. So, being a ‘doer’, again you are joining with John.

And I am the sufferer. Then also, you become one with John.

Suppose somebody says bad for John, then does any effect take place within? (It does!)

When somebody says bad for John, ‘John is a bad person. He is so and so, so and so’, you (the ego) get hurt. And so, anger gets generated. Due to ignorance, you believe, ‘I am John’. That’s why, when somebody insults you, anger will come out. And if the same bad words are said to John but you realize that ‘this John is some other person, it’s not me’; then you will not feel any bad effect.

So, it is due to ignorance of the Self that anger is there!

The anger is getting generated due to ignorance. When somebody insults, at that time the anger comes out (surfaces).

But after enlightenment, by the knowledge of Self-Realization, if somebody says bad words to Deepak, I will know, ‘this is with Deepak, not with me. I am Pure Soul. So I don’t have any anger.’ Due to knowledge of the Self, I can remain in a state of bliss all the time.

So anger is due to ignorance only. Not only anger, pride-deceit-greed-lust, everything is due to ignorance. By knowledge of the Self, we can come out of all of these enemies – anger, pride, deceit, greed.

Enlightenment is not like we will see some light, some vibrations and happiness, etc. That is not the real experience

The Enlightened One further states:

In Gnan Vidhi, with the grace of Dada Bhagwan, we are changing the wrong belief to right belief; the right belief regarding, ‘Who am I, who is the doer, what is relative, what is real, what is scientific circumstantial evidence, how to keep separation?’

By right belief (enlightenment), you are separated from John. This is the beginning of the experience of the Pure Soul, say 1% of experience, and you have to reach 100%. Slowly as you practice the principles, your awareness will go on increasing, and you will get more experience of Pure Soul.

Experience of the Pure Soul means you can feel separation with John. And more clearly, you can see the faults and mistakes of John. Sometimes, John may get angry at somebody. You can watch, ‘Oh this is with John. He has become angry at somebody. This is wrong.’

Thus, when you find out the mistakes of John, at that time you are in the awareness of Pure Soul. And with the flawless vision, you can see everybody as innocent. You realize that, ‘Nobody has done any mistake. The root cause is with John only. John had made some mistakes in the past. That’s why (as a result) she is suffering for that mistake. This is how everybody is just one of the scientific circumstantial evidence for giving the result of our mistake.’ Once you see John’s mistake, then only you will be in Pure Soul. So, for remaining in Pure Soul, you just have to observe the mistakes of John.

Really speaking, by the vision of Gnani, the Pure Soul is always separate from mind, speech, body, the intellect, the ego, everything. Really, both the elements (the Soul and the matter – John) are always separate. Just like oil and water never mix with each other, the properties of both these elements are such that they are in an unmixable form; similarly here also, the Pure Soul and the matter, both these elements are totally separate and they do not really mix with each other.

That’s why by right belief, you can remain separate from John. Whatever suffering comes, you have to understand that whatever suffering comes, it is with John, not with me. Because you are really separate from John. The doership also is not there in your real Self. The Soul cannot do any worldly things. The property of the Soul is just to see and know and it is full of bliss. With this knowledge, the mindset naturally remains happy, happy, happy…

So come, let’s go to Akram Gnani and get enlightened!


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