Does Anyone Administer The Law Of Karma Or Is It Self-Administered?…

Does Anyone Administer The Law Of Karma Or Is It Self-Administered?

No one administers the law of Karma. It is natural.

Everything that occurs is a result of natural consequences and there is no higher body controlling the world. Everything that we see, experience and endure is a result of our own self-administered karmas. Every single action of ours, including our desires, is a consequence of our own doing and an intent from our previous life. There is no higher authority who administers the law of karma.

An illustration of how the law of karma operates.

In your former life, say, you had intended that you would like to eat out. This is called the cause or the seed of karma that you’ve sown. Now, in your present life, you end up eating out. This is the effect of your past cause, or in other words, the fruit of your past karma. After eating out, you end up having dysentery and become sick. This is the effect of effect, considered as the final result of your past karma (cause). Thus, nothing ever happens in life without a cause.

So, if we seem to have accidentally killed an ant, that too is a consequence of the culmination of our intent from our previous life. For instance, we may have intended that, “How much can one take care? If we walk, ants may get killed.” This, together with the ant’s karma, and all the other scientific circumstantial evidences coming together, results in the ant’s death taking place. Hence at the specific time when the ant is due to be killed, the natural law of karma leads to the ant being there at a particular time, and it brings you there simultaneously at that particular time and your foot being placed exactly where the ant was, is all a culmination of the natural law of karma.

Similarly, if you run and hit a table and hurt your leg, it is entirely a consequence of one of the past karmas. Whatever caused you to run and whatever caused the table to be precisely placed there, rather than say a centimetre away is a consequence of the natural law of karma. Thus no one has decided that you should hurt your leg. However, the reason why you are running at that precise moment is a consequence of the actions and intent that you have sown in your previous life. You may have, for instance, laughed in your previous life at someone who hurt themselves. And it is because of the unfolding of this karma of your past life that you may have had to suffer in this life.

Theory of karma explained

Thus, karmas are sown through one’s inner intent.

For instance, in earlier example, if you happen to accidentally kill an insect but internally you feel remorseful and regret about it, and you even seek forgiveness for this deed from God, then you bind much lesser harmful karma. On the other hand, if you are happy killing the insect, then you bind a karma which will bring you pain in your future life, just like the pain the insect had felt.

Our present life is already predetermined. Everything that is happening, everything we are experiencing is all a result of the karmas from our past life. So, our past karmas will continue to unfold throughout our entire life. But at the time of unfolding of these old karma, we simultaneously bind new karmas through our intent in that present moment. This is the reason behind the cycle of life and death of all living beings.

There is nothing one can do to change one’s current course of life because of the already sown karmas. But one certainly has the power to positively change their future life through their inner intent. Furthermore, if you want to stop charging karmas altogether, then look into Akram Vignan. This Spiritual Science gives you the keys to be totally free from charging any type of karma, be it demerit or merit karmas, as we acquire the right understanding of the root cause of binding karma.


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