Does A Spiritual Person Care About Money Based Security…

Does A Spiritual Person Care About Money Based Security

Generally, we find people in this world always busy, trying to create secure environments to live and grow in. They are constantly updating their security arrangements to protect themselves from vulnerable attacks of every kind, be it physical, mental or emotional. And the biggest security arrangement in this direction is?… that of money.

However, a spiritual person is very different. He is not concerned with money-based security; he is indeed far above the benefits that come through money!

The reason is, because spirituality is based on right understanding

According to Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan, the Enlightened being:

We are really a Pure soul. Our body, mind, heart, thoughts, and all our worldly identities constitute our relative self, our worldly being. In reality, we are a Pure Soul, which is free from birth and death, and not susceptible to any pain and suffering whatsoever. The Soul does not need security because it is not vulnerable to any threats whatsoever. The body may be harmed, the mind overwhelmed, emotions manipulated, but there is no power in the world which can touch the Soul, our real being.

Therefore, a spiritual person is very keen in pursuing spiritual wealth, and not material wealth. And for this reason, it is mostly found that there is enough money in their home and their mind is at peace. It is Nature’s law that anyone who pursues spiritual wealth, the money always flows in their direction. It’s their high-valued merit karma which brings them pure money.

There is no denying the fact that as long as one is living a worldly life, there is a need for money to sustain one’s family and basic needs. However, a spiritual person is not preoccupied with money; his interest is in God. Gnani, the Enlightened One, in a lighter tone, shares with us a very deep secret, “If you are running behind money (Lakshmi), then Narayan (God) will be enraged. But when you are devoted in your worship for God (Narayan), Lakshmiji is bound to follow her Narayan.”

Furthermore, Param Pujya Dadashri cautions, “The most critical of all worldly interactions is that of money. If this is tainted or impure, no progress can be made spiritually.”

Now, until one has insecurity or temptations for the benefits that come through money, there’s a full chance of money-related interactions becoming tainted and impure, because of which one cannot fly to spiritual heights.

So what’s the way out for one who has this insecurity, and wants to progress spiritually? Is there no hope for him?!

No! it’s not so. The knowledge of the Self – the understanding that we are a Pure Soul – can liberate one’s mind from insecurity. But this knowledge needs to be experienced and lived in order for it to be effective.

This is where we need a Gnani, the Enlightened One, who has achieved Self-Realization and also has spiritual powers to make us attain the same; who is free from all kinds of fears and insecurities and also has divine capabilities to make us free from them.

Today, it is possible to get Self-realization from Akram Gnani, and thus get the real knowledge, which makes us aware of ‘who am I’. Thereafter, the guidance of such Gnani, when accepted with utmost humility and complete surrender, it indeed has the power to expel all the fear and insecurity, from our being. Gnani thus makes us abhay (fearless), and makes us free from all insecurities!


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