Does A Spiritual Awakened Person Stick With This Material World?…

Does A Spiritual Awakened Person Stick With This Material World?

No, not really!

One generally sticks with this material world mainly due to the illusory attachment that one has developed, when in the ignorant state.

Through the five senses and with the help of ego, intellect, mind, etc. we experience worldly things. At every stage of development, one is attracted towards different material things one after another. One tries to find happiness in every object, and after some time when he finds no happiness in that object, he gets attracted towards another material object. In every instance, each and every sense is constantly experiencing and knowing, and finally deciding that there is no happiness in vision, or taste, or smell, listening or in touch.

This continues life after life, and lastly we find out that there is no permanent happiness in this material world – the happiness in here is temporary and so are the material things.

And when one realizes that, ‘I am a Pure Soul’, he tastes the permanent happiness. He is a spiritually awakened person now as he has attained Self-Realization.

With this realization, also comes the understanding that one has no control over the changes that are constantly occurring in the material world. And any attachment to what is changing beyond one’s control is bound to bring nothing but suffering. As a result, his attachment to the material world is shattered. He comes out from the folly of identifying with the material world and stick with this material world.

Knowing these facts by personal experience, the spiritually awakened person develops the wisdom of equanimity that leads him to real detachment, real enlightenment.

How do we attain spiritual awakening?

Akram science is such that with the grace of the Enlightened One (who has the divine powers to enlighten others), the spiritual awakening happens and the knowledge of ‘who am I’ is obtained. We get the knowledge of ‘John (please insert your name here) is the name of my body and I am pure Soul’ in just two hours time.

After getting that knowledge, to maintain that awareness, we are given five principles in the form of protection of our awareness. These principles are not rules or vows, but it’s the understanding with the help of which our awareness shall remain intact, and moreover it will keep progressing.

This is the scientific path that is called Akram Marg, through which we attain awareness of the Soul. However, the experience of the pure Soul is yet unclear and indistinct.

Thereafter, our effort to attain a clear and distinct experience of the pure Soul begins

The awareness of the spiritually awakened person is based on his independent effort, and the circumstances one meets in this material world are based on the karma one has bound in the past life. These circumstances are as a result of the karmic accounts of anger, pride, deceit, greed that one has brought forward from past life, but in those circumstances, whether our awareness prevails or unawareness – that’s our (spiritually awakened person’s) effort.

Unawareness is due to the force of karma. When the force of our passions of anger, pride, deceit, greed is greater than the awareness; for instance, when one has great liking for food, and one meets the circumstance of delicious food, at that time, awareness doesn’t remain.

So basically, our unawareness is because of our craving, or our greed, our deceit

A spiritually awakened person is staying in this material world and one who is spiritually asleep yet, too stays in this material world. But the spiritually awakened person has awareness. Only when the karmic account is quite sticky, then the awareness of the spiritually awakened person seems to have shaken (which he soon gathers in some time), but where the karma is not too sticky, there the awareness is intact.

The awareness is independent effort; because the effort is weak, one sticks to the material world

The awareness at that time is not able to match upto the force of karmic results. However, by staying in the company of the Enlightened One and procuring his blessings, and by listening to his preachings and following his teachings, a spiritually awakened person soon strengthens his efforts and develops robust awareness that is able to counter any kind of karmic forces with ease.

Thus, when one sticks with the Enlightened One, he shall not be able to stick with this material world even if he wants to – the magic of His grace is all that one needs to attain!!!


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