Does A Chattering Mind Disturb Enlightened Beings?…

Does A Chattering Mind Disturb Enlightened Beings?

Enlightened beings are never disturbed by the chattering mind. They are completely detached from the effects of the mind and the body. In fact, enlightened beings are not bothered by any aspect related to mind and body. This is because they are enlightened Souls and hence can see things as they are!

To understand this further, let us look at how Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan, the enlightened being, dealt with his mind.

The mind of an enlightened being

While we are bound by our mind, Param Pujya Dadashri’s mind could not bind Him, meaning it did not control Him and affect Him.

His mind never got held up into anything, not even for a single moment, it just kept ‘strolling’, hence He remains constantly free. In contrast, our mind is like a fly that roams around one thing for a long, long time. It could be something that it likes eg. it hovers around some matter that it finds sweet and hence enjoys thinking about it or recalling it again and again, or it gets stuck into something that bothers him and keeps him worried and tense eg, if we come across some problem at work or some issue related to our family member, our mind remains hooked onto it for ours and thus keeps us up until late night. This affects our mental and physical well-being.

How did the mind come into existence?

The mind is a projector and the thoughts that arise in the mind are like a film that plays one scene after another. But when these thoughts arise, we human beings form opinions. This is precisely why the mind has come into existence.

Unlike the enlightened beings, when any event occurs in our life, we constantly keep forming different types of opinions such as, ‘this is good, that is bad, these people are worthless.’ This is the fundamental reason why the mind has come into existence. If we stop forming opinions, then the mind would stop.

During the day, the mind produces thousands of endless, repetitive thoughts. And not knowing how to deal with these thoughts, we become one with the thoughts. We believe these are my thoughts, and hence become restless and experience disturbance within. That is why we feel weary and tired of the mind.

In reality, the mind is only doing its job, which is ‘to think’. When any thought sprouts, we become one with it and remain involved in the thought for minutes or even hours, twisting and turning the same thought over and over.

On the other hand, the Enlightened beings remain detached from the chattering mind, and hence experience freedom. How do they manage to do this? Let’s learn….

Self-Realisation is the solution!

On the path of Akram Vignan, when you attend the two-hours Self-realisation ceremony, you realise that, ‘I am pure Soul, and my nature is only to See and Know.” With this, your belief, ‘I am indeed the one having this thought’ will slowly begin to dissipate, and as a result, it becomes easier and easier to remain undisturbed during the chattering of the mind.

So, after you have attained Self-realisation, you learn to keep your mind separate just like the enlightened beings. And thus the chattering mind will not disturb you, just like it does not disturb the enlightened beings.


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