Do You Think True Happiness Is Only Possible When You Feel Loved By Someone?…

Do You Think True Happiness Is Only Possible When You Feel Loved By Someone?

If we put our happiness in the hands of someone else’s love, what will happen if they fall out of love with us? Someone may love us for a while, but what happens when they fall out of love with us or vice-versa? We will have to begin to look for happiness all over again.

The reason why we seek happiness from someone, or from material items, is because we have not yet experienced the happiness which naturally exists within us. This happiness is an innate part of us. It does not depend on someone or something; it just flows naturally. And once we have tasted this happiness it will never leave us! This experience will remain within us day and night.

So, isn’t it better to seek such happiness that is permanent, everlasting, free from dependency on someone or something? The happiness which is with you every moment of the day and in every situation.

Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan, the Enlightened One, describes true happiness to be that which does not increase or decrease, regardless of the circumstance. True happiness is not derived from worldly matters. Permanent happiness comes from the pure Soul that is permanent. The pure Soul is our real Self. Thus, real happiness comes from this real Self of ours.

This happiness can be experienced only after Self-realisation.

Upon the attainment of the knowledge of the Self, we discover that the pure Soul, which resides in every living being, is an abode of infinite bliss. When people experience the Soul and become one with their pure Soul, they get a taste of infinite, absolute bliss. This in essence is true happiness because it is derived from the Soul, which is permanent. The happiness experienced here is not temporary or dependent on external or worldly factors.

Every living being in this world seeks to be happy. And although this happiness is an innate part of our very own existence, the reason why we have not found it is because we have not yet discovered our true Self. In contrast, worldly happiness is on loan, entirely dependent on positive circumstances or on someone. Hence, it is extremely unpredictable and constantly wavering. Whereas the happiness of our true Self is everlasting happiness. All we have to do is attain Self-Realization and experience this happiness in every situation and with everyone.

Currently, we believe to be the owner of the name and body and that is why we experience happiness and unhappiness. But after Self-realisation, we get the right understanding that, ‘I am a pure Soul, the source of infinite bliss.’ Self-realisation gives us the right understanding through which we can experience bliss even amidst all kinds of unhappiness. On attainment of Self-realisation, the right understanding prevails. And as one’s understanding of the Soul develops, so will one’s inner bliss!

To conclude: Problems come and go but your happiness need not. Happiness can never be achieved through someone. Putting your hope on looking for happiness from someone else’s love can never be possible. You yourself are the source of happiness; so stop looking for it elsewhere! The key to happiness is discovering your true Self i.e. attain Self-Realization.


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