Do You Live In A Friendly Universe?…

Do You Live In A Friendly Universe?

A few years back, I would have answered this question by saying that everything is bullshit, nothing is connected, suffering is inevitable, and that nothing you or anyone else does matters. We’re all going to die anyway.

Almost losing my life was the catalyst that brought years of suffering to a crescendo.

These days, I wholeheartedly believe that I live in a friendly Universe. I’ve seen improvement in almost all areas of my life, though some things remain the same. Most importantly, my outlook on life is vastly different.

My life is far from perfect, there’s room for improvement, and though at times, this can feel frustrating, I wouldn’t want it any other way.

You see, once you let go and open yourself to the possibility that you live in a friendly Universe, the Universe starts reciprocating in unusual, surprising ways.

So how can you start trusting that you live in a friendly Universe?

Go Within

• Yoga

• Meditation

• Breathwork

Yoga, meditation, breathwork, quiet time, or anything that allows you to go within helps you connect not only with yourself but also with your higher power.

When you go within, you get to know yourself better; this allows you to accept your past choices and who you are at this moment.

Going within also allows you to relax and release worry. It’s only in a relaxed state that discernment grows stronger.

Increased compassion is also a positive side effect of turning inward. Giving yourself and others a break helps you expand your awareness.

After a while, you start realizing that a few minutes of going within improves the quality of your life. With this renewed outlook, synchronicities start becoming apparent.

Start Trusting

• Intuition

• Connection

Once you start seeing synchronicities and receiving surprises from the Universe, trusting that you live in a friendly Universe becomes easier.

As you start trusting that you live in a friendly Universe, your intuition gets stronger.

If you don’t know where to start, start by trusting in the small things. For example, if you’re driving on your regular route, and you feel the urge to turn down a different street, do it. Small exercises like this can help you grow your intuition.

Trusting your connected and supported is an essential step in deciding that you live in a friendly Universe.

Sometimes the Universe sends us help in the form of other people. Once you start trusting that The Universe is always supporting you, you attract others that feel the same way; this is where the fun begins.

You start realizing that we are all connected. The Universe lines you up with others that want things that you have to offer, which is so fulfilling because these interactions satisfy not only your needs but also the needs of others.

There is nothing more satisfying than knowing that I’ve made a beneficial and positive impact on others’ lives. Knowing that a higher power has orchestrated the connection is undeniably a fantastic joy.

Release Attachment

• Let go

• Just have fun

• Go with the flow

Releasing attachment to an outcome can be difficult; at least it was for me. It is also where I’ve received the most rewarding satisfaction.

Letting go, just having fun, going with the flow, and learning to just be are a lot easier when you’ve gone within and started trusting first.

There is an easiness and effortlessness that you experience when you live in the present moment. Living in the present moment doesn’t mean that you stop planning for the future. It means that you choose to focus your energy and happiness in this now moment.

A domino effect takes place. First, you let go of expectations, which leads you to have fun and eventually going with the flow.

A few years back, I was miserable most of the time. These days, I choose to believe that life is beautiful; everything is connected, happiness is a choice, and that everything you or anyone else does matters.

I might as well choose to trust that I live in a friendly Universe; we’re all going to die anyway.


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