Do You Know If God Created Us Or Did We Create God?…

Do You Know If God Created Us Or Did We Create God?

Good, you asked this question, because through this question, you shall be able to understand God, in its right meaning. To understand God in its right meaning is very important for every human being. Why??.. You’ll figure that out by the end of this article. So come, let’s begin!

Many believe that God is the creator of this world, and thus God created us

Now, if this were true, a big question that arises then is, ‘Who created God?’

And while trying to resolve this question, many more questions arise, “How does God look? Where is God located? What is his address? What made God create us? Why and how did he create us? etc”, for which we actually have no real answers.

Many say, there is no such thing as God that really exists; we’ve created God in our belief

Given the above, a school of thought argues that there is no such thing as God that really exists; we ourselves have created God in our belief system. God has been created as a figure in people’s mind to help maintain law and order in society and to provide moral support to those in need during difficult times. By being God-fearing, one develops self-restraint, and hence does not proceed on the wrong path. Moreover, in God, one finds a strong pillar-like support which one holds onto whenever one becomes unstable. These are the reasons why we created God, the belief-God!”

If we go by this argument, then how do we justify the real life-stories of Lord Ram, Lord Krishna, Lord Mahavir and various other enlightened beings, who are worshipped as God by zillions of people.

What’s the fact? Is God just a made-up belief or God really exists? If God exists where’s he?

Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan, an enlightened being, explains,

“God is in every creature, whether visible or invisible. God is in creature, not in creation.”

This is the fact that can be known only from the Enlightened beings who have themselves experienced God! There are infinite invisible creatures which cannot be seen even under a microscope; but God resides even in them! However, there is no God in a sofa, a table, a camera, a tube light or a record-player as these are all man-made creations.

God is the Soul, the living force that resides within you, me and within every living being.

The body is the outer packing and the One that resides within is the God, the pure Soul, which is our real Self! The Soul is an eternal element, which means the Soul (God) can never be created by anyone in this world. Every Soul is permanent in nature. There is neither any beginning nor any end to it. It was, it is and shall always remain.

God cannot be seen, God can only be experienced.

The property of the Soul is such that it cannot be seen with the physical eyes, it can only be experienced by experiencing the intrinsic functional properties of the Soul. Lord Ram, Lord Krishna, Lord Mahavir and various other enlightened beings are those within whom the Soul manifested completely with all its properties. That is why the world calls them God!

Our Soul is in absolute darkness yet. So how do we find God?

We can definitely take help of books, scriptures and spiritual literature to get a rough, theoretical understanding of what the Soul or the God is. But can these mediums give us the actual experience of the Soul? No, because an image of a lit candle can never remove the darkness within a room, only a lit candle can.

Similarly, only an enlightened person can enlighten our Soul and make us see / experience God. Say we give a child a notebook, a pencil and a textbook to use. Now, will he be able to learn the alphabet on his own? No. He needs someone who can make him realize that this is ‘A’ and this is ‘B’. Just as a small child needs a teacher to teach him the alphabet, we need a Self-Realized person to attain Self Realization. Such a person, who is an enlightened being himself, and can enlighten others as well, is a Gnani Purush, the grace of such a realized person, we too can realize the Soul (God).

God can be found only from a Gnani – the living Gnani!

Just as the goldsmith has the technical expertise to recognize and separate pure gold from other metals, Gnani has the divine spiritual expertise to separate our Pure Soul from everything else that is not the self. When this happens, we realize that the Pure Soul is the real Self; and the body, the name, everything that we consider as our self, is actually not the real self. Therefore, this indeed is the easiest way to attain Self Realization; the easiest way to experiencing God and feeling the presence of God.

In Akram Vignan, the step-less path to Self Realization:

The Gnani does the separation in just an hour, and makes us realize that ‘I am Pure Soul’ (Self Realization). With this awakening of the Soul, we begin to experience God.

Further, Gnani gives us five cardinal principles, which when followed, makes us progress towards the absolute experience of God.

For Self-Realization, total surrender and absolute humility towards Gnani is all that is needed.

Total surrender means we follow what the Gnani says, without letting our intellect get in the way. And absolute humility is when there is oneness with the Gnani, there is no separation that is perceived with the Gnani.

Under the shelter and guidance of the living Gnani, as our awareness of the Self increases,

the inner weaknesses of anger, greed, pride and deceit gradually start reducing,

the ego and intellect keep waning off,

the mind, body and speech become more and more natural, and

day after day, our experience of the Self, the God within, keeps increasing.

Ultimately, a stage presents itself where:

the ego and the intellect within have totally perished;

On the outside the mind, speech and body function naturally, according to the unfolding karmas, and

Our awakened Self within gets free from all attachments and comes to the natural form of its blissful state.

This is when we are said to have experienced God completely!

So now you know why it is so important to understand who really is God. Next, you come to the living Gnani, the enlightened One, and with his divine grace, realize your Self and experience God! To know more on this, please visit


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