Do You Hear The Calling To Be An Eco-Mentor?…

Do You Hear The Calling To Be An Eco-Mentor?

Candia Lea Cole, Founder, Eco-Learning Legacies

People and the Planet Are In Pain

Does it pain you to see the ice caps melting? Are you concerned about rainforests being burned to the ground? Does it make you sad to know that animals are becoming extinct, and plants and honeybees are being poisoned by toxic chemicals? Do weather events related to global warming have you feeling on edge?

Are you concerned that toxins in the environment might be escalating your family’s risk for diseases such as chronic fatigue, cancer, autism, and Alzheimer’s disease?

If you answered ‘yes’, to these questions, you are not alone! Like you, I’m concerned that, because we, as a global society, have lived out of balance with nature for so long now, we are now paying the steepest price imaginable for our unconscious human behaviors. The price we are paying is the price that it takes to understand, manage, and heal the physical symptoms of environmental illness.

Environmental Illness Is Affecting Both People and the Planet  

Environmental illness is becoming widespread in our world today as the result of industries producing lifestyle products with toxic materials. When the environment gets sick (as the result of chemicals being released into the air, the water, and the land), –we, too, get sick, because we breathe the air, drink the water, and eat the food that is grown on the land!

How have we learned to live in such an unconscious way? In my mind, we’ve been socially conditioned to adopt a lifestyle that is based on convenience and instant gratification, versus sustainability. Our egos have allowed us to make choices that don’t support our health or our humanity. And because of this, we have lost touch with our innate eco-intelligence.

What is Eco-Intelligence, and Why Do We Need to Reclaim It?   

What is eco-intelligence, you might be wondering? I define eco-intelligence as: “the intelligence that all people and living things are born with, that guides us to know our special place and function within the great web of life, and to make healthy lifestyle choices that protect and sustain life.”

It’s this kind of intelligence that I want to assist people in reclaiming in their lives today, because, well….without it, I don’t see us thriving in the 21st century!

In my work as an eco-lifestyle educator, I interact with many young adults who tell me they feel anxious, depressed, and angry about the state of affairs in our world today. Many have lost hope in a bright future, and many are dealing with the symptoms of environmental illness. This breaks my heart. But I’m not one to simply sit idle and let our ecological health problems get worse. I want to give every young person in our community the opportunity to be raised by an Eco-Mentor, and I want to give them the chance to become one, themselves!

What Is an Eco-Mentor?  (Were YOU Born to Be One?) 

What is an Eco-Mentor? It’s a person who, like me, is very concerned about the personal and planetary health challenges we face, and who wants to use those challenges to lighten their ecological footprint, live in harmony with the natural world, and become the healthy person they were born to be! Eco-Mentors are people who see the value of using their personal healing journeys as a catalyst for planetary healing. Personal healing is a journey that invites us to discover our authentic needs as a whole. It’s a journey of being in a healthy and loving relationship with our bodies, minds, hearts, and souls, as well as the living things that support our sense of aliveness and joy.

Do You Hear the Calling to be an Eco-Mentor? 

If you hear the calling to be an Eco-Mentor, I invite you to visit me at my website at: and learn about all of the great educational tools and training options that I’ve created for students, parents, and holistic health and lifestyle educators. Together, I believe we can make a true and lasting difference, and leave a collective legacy that we can be proud of!


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Candia Lea Cole is the founder of Eco-Learning Legacies. She creates holistic lifestyle education tools that support women (young and…

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