Do You Bring Peace To A Room?…

Do You Bring Peace To A Room?

“Or Do You Bring Anxiety, Tension, and Anger to a Room?”

Whenever you walk into a room to do you bring a feeling of peace and calm to the room? A feeling that everyone can feel? If not, why not?

Many people when they walk into a room the level of tension skyrockets. This is because of their anger and unhealed issues from the past go with them everywhere.

All the Great Saints Created Peace Where Ever They Traveled

All the great saints, avatars, and healing spiritual beings had a sense of peace that pervaded every single square foot of space around them. It was palpable, everyone could feel it. In their presence a persons blood pressure would go down, their muscles in the back of their neck would relax, and a great sense of calm and love would pervade the room.

What Keeps You from Feeling Peaceful?

What keeps you from feeling calm and peaceful to the point that you exude that peace to everyone around you? I know a man who every time he walks into a room the tension in the room goes up. And this is because he has lots of anger about his childhood and his mother. Anger that he has never resolved… and thus his feelings of anger are expressed in a room and everyone can feel it and they back away.

Have You Resolved Your Issues of the Past?

Perhaps you have lots of unresolved issues from your past that need to be dealt with. And those issues are always with you bringing anger, tension, and anxiety everywhere you go. That’s a lot of baggage to carry around… lugging all the baggage is hard work… and those feelings drain your energy. And those feelings are expressed out into the Universe which brings back the same kind of energy to you multiplied 1000 fold… Not Good.

4 Ways to Resolve Issues from the Past

1 – Counseling – Counseling takes time but working with a good counselor the past can be healed and all the issues of the past can be laid to rest.

2 – Meditation – Taking a 10 Day Vipassana Meditation Retreat can heal issues from the past. I have seen this happen hundreds of times. Plus meditating for 1 hour in the morning and 1 hour in the evening every day can also heal the past… but it takes much longer.

3 – Prayer – Asking God to be released from all the anger, sadness, and anxiety can bring about a great spiritual awakening which can resolve the past. Taking 30 minutes to an hour every day to contemplate and talk with God is very important.

4 – Hypnosis – Working with a good hypnotherapist can work wonders to heal the past in a short period of time.

You Can Do This!

Many Blessings to Everyone


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