Do Yogis Get Tattoos And Will A Tattoo Help Your Yoga?…

Do Yogis Get Tattoos And Will A Tattoo Help Your Yoga?

Yoga has been an integral part of life in many parts of Asia for thousands of years, but it’s only in recent decades that the practice has started to spread across the rest of the world, with more and more people understanding, accepting, and enjoying the benefits of this discipline in their own lives, and one of the best aspects of yoga is its versatility.

The powers and advantages of yoga can be harnessed and experienced in many different ways, and we’ve seen yoga masters and students across the globe developing their own types of yoga and embracing the yoga lifestyle in many different ways. One interesting method that some yogis use is to actually turn to tattoo artists to mark their bodies with signs of their passion for yoga.

An Introduction to Yoga Tattoos

Tattoos have become more and more common in modern times, and they have indeed made their mark on the world of yoga too. From high-level yogis with their own yoga studios to entry-level students who simply want to embrace the yoga lifestyle on a deeper level, yoga tattoos can be a great option.

It’s not uncommon to see yogis with tattoos, and while some of these tattoos may have special personal significance in their own lives related to life events or family members, others may be directly connected to their love and passion for yoga, with common symbols including lotus flowers, mandalas, chakras, the moon, and so on.

Will a Yoga Inspired Tattoo Help Your Yoga? What Do You Need to Know?

If you’re considering a yoga tattoo, you may have a lot of questions about what it can do for you, what sort of symbol you might like to choose, and whether or not you can actually feel tangible benefits from doing your usual yoga poses and moves with your new tattoo. Read on for all you need to know on the matter.

Should I Get a Yoga-Inspired Tattoo?

Ultimately, a tattoo should always be a personal decision, so it’s one that you’ll need to make alone. Getting a yoga tattoo can be a wonderful way to explore your passion for yoga and exhibit it in a new way, and it could even enhance your practice too, but make sure to do your research and think carefully before making the decision.

How Can Your Tattoo Inspire You

The vast majority of tattoos have some kind of story or meaning behind them. A person might ask tattoo artists for a symbol to honor a relative who has passed away, for example, or as a reminder of a difficult challenge they managed to overcome in the past. These symbols can inspire them every day, and the same is true of yoga tattoos too.

Many yoga enthusiasts with tattoos find that they look at and admire their markings as they stretch and pose, drawing real inspiration and energy from the tattoo itself, as it serves as such a powerful visual reminder of the importance of yoga and what it means for every individual. It can, in a very real sense, inspire you to work harder and put even more of yourself in your yoga training.

Can You Do Yoga After Getting a Tattoo?

This depends on the size and location of the tattoo. In general, you’ll want to try to abstain from any intense physical activity after a tattoo, and hot yoga should usually be avoided until your body has recovered, especially with larger tattoos. Speak with tattoo artists for more information and expert advice.

Will Your Yoga Practice Change After Getting Tattoos?

It all depends on you and the tattoo you choose. Not everyone will notice tangible changes in their yoga sessions after getting a tattoo, and some people will simply enjoy the sight of the tattoo on their body and be proud to show their love of yoga to the world. Others, meanwhile, will indeed be able to feel and notice a real change in how they practice, feeling more relaxed, inspired, and motivated.

Meanings of Common Yoga-Inspired Tattoos

There is a range of different yoga-inspired tattoos you might like to ask your local tattoo artists to help out with. Here are some examples, along with their meanings:

  • Lotus Flower – The lotus flower is synonymous with yoga, being a sign of purity, enlightenment, and spiritual growth.
  • OM – The OM or AUM symbol is associated with a higher level of awareness and an open mind.
  • Mandalas – Mandalas are associated with unity and the sense of being whole.
  • Hamsa – The hamsa symbol depicts a hand with an eye in the center, and it’s linked with courage and boldness.
  • Moon – The moon can represent change, rebirth, and the natural process of life.
  • Chakras – Chakras are a key part of yoga disciplines and represent different aspects of a person’s energy.

Is Getting a Lotus Tattoo Cultural Appropriation?

No, the lotus flower is not generally seen as a symbol of cultural appropriation, as while yoga may have originated in Asia, it has become a global discipline, and a big part of what yoga is all about is harmony, balance, and embracing the power of humanity and nature without borders or limitations in the way. As long as the symbol has special significance to you and the tattoo truly means something, you should feel confident in choosing it.

Can You Get Additional Positive Energy from Your Tattoos

There are many cases in which yoga enthusiasts with tattoos state that they feel like they can actually draw positive energy from these symbols. Seeing a lotus flower or OM symbol on their arm, for example, as they enter a pose can remind them of the importance of breathing or bring a new layer of relaxation to their mind, letting them truly submerge themselves into the practice.


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