Do We Become Heartless And Rigid If We Become Nirmohi? Why Is It Like This?…

Do We Become Heartless And Rigid If We Become Nirmohi? Why Is It Like This?

A person who pushes away his attractions (moha) through his ego can be called ‘Nirmohi’.

In Case Of Nirmohi, Generally The Ego Of “I Am Nirmohi” Remains

‘Nirmohi’ suggests he has reduced everything else, but the ego itself could be still present.

If someone insults him or swears at him, he may say, ‘What is it to me?’, but within, his ego still remains. After all, will this ego not have to be removed?

The Ego Makes One Heartless And Rigid

For example, a person leaves his home, becomes an ascetic and stays in the mountains. As he lives without a home and family, in just one pair of clothes, not consuming much food, he seemingly has zero attachment for materialistic things and he is spending most of his time in doing penance and meditation, one believes that he has become Nirmohi!

And even others who may see the ascetic may feel very positive and shall be all praise for him because he is Nirmohi, “Oh! It’s amazing that he has no belongings and he has no attachment for any worldly things!”

But as one goes closer to the ascetic, tries talking normally to him, he sees how the ascetic gets annoyed at this and disgraces him, “How dare you disturb my meditation? Go away from here!” Such behaviour may astonish people that, “How can someone, being a Nirmohi, be so rude and ruthless, rigid and heartless?”

The reason is that although he has left his home and belongings, he has not been able to leave his ego yet!

One Whose Ego Is Gone Always Experiences Eternal Bliss!

The main thing to be removed is the “Ego”. Otherwise, even if one becomes a monk for a hundred thousand years, the egoism is not likely to leave. The ascetics do the egoism of renunciation, while the worldly people do the egoism of acquisition. According to Gnani, both are egoistic and hence neither can reach the stage of liberation. Karmic bondage happens because of ‘egoism’. Only when egoism is stopped, can one attain ultimate liberation.

He, who has no ego of acquisition or renunciation, his intent is natural and pure and that is the way he lives, eats and drinks too. Such a person is not at all rigid nor is he heartless!

How Does One Get Rid Of The Ego?

To get rid of the ego, Param Pujya Dadashri says, “Go to someone whose ego is completely gone. Surrender to Gnani, the Enlightened One and attain Self-Realization from Him!”

Owing to ignorance of the Self, one believes that, “I am Pushpa (please insert your name here).” This is the primary ego that leads to all other Egos such as “I am Nirmohi (without attachment)” or “I am Nirmaani (without pride).” In reality, the Self is the Pure Soul that resides within the body that is given the name Pushpa, merely for identification purpose.

The Self Is The Pure Soul; Pure Soul Is The Pure Love

Thus, when one becomes the Pure Soul, one becomes loving and easy-going; but if one becomes Nirmohi, he is hard-pressed under the burden of, “I am Nirmohi” and hence over time becomes heartless and rigid.

Get Self-Realization from Spiritual Master

Ego exists due to ignorance of the Self and therefore it disappears the moment the knowledge of the Self is attained, the moment one attains Self-Realization.

Spiritual Master, Pujya Deepakbhai Desai is free from Ego! He lives as a Pure Soul. Therefore seeing him, you too start experiencing bliss and peace inside. He imparts Self-Realization to people across the world and that too free of cost. The Pure Soul is the most invaluable thing in this world, and hence it is available for no charge. All that is required from our end is that we seek this knowledge with utmost humility! For more detail, you may


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