Do Unfulfilled Desires Of This Life Get Fulfilled In Next Birth?…

Do Unfulfilled Desires Of This Life Get Fulfilled In Next Birth?

Yes! Let’s see how…

Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan, the Enlightened being, has said, “One will receive all that is needed to enjoy, according to the wishes he has made. He will even receive things he did not even imagine, simply because that was in his receptacle of the intellect (buddhi’s ashaya).”

What is meant by the receptacle of intellect?

One says, ‘All I desire is to do well in my studies.’ If that is the design of the receptacle of his intellect, so will be the fruit for him. Another may have the design that he wants to progress in his devotion (bhakti), and so his reward will be just that. One receives everything according to what one has filled in his receptacle of intellect.

It is very important to understand the receptacle of intellect.

Param Pujya Dadashri helps us understand, by explaining with an example, “If in one’s receptacle of intellect, carried forward from the past life to this life, it is that he would like to live only in a hut, then even if he has million rupees, he will not feel comfortable living in anything other than a hut. And the one who has in his receptacle that he would like to live in a bungalow, then despite a debt of five million, he will like living only in a bungalow. And the disciples and devotees have it such that, ‘we wish to make do with anything that comes along’ and so they will get anything as a result.”

If in one’s receptacle of intellect, it is, ‘I only feel comfortable in my home and in my own bed’, then it does not matter to him if it is just a hut. You may comment on how his bed sags, but he will tell you, ‘I fall asleep only in this bed; I cannot sleep in a bungalow.’

If in this life, one does a deep inner intent (bhaav) of, ‘I cannot do without a drink’, then in the next life, he drinks alcohol and he cannot quit the habit. While speaking, whatever the intent is, that gets printed in the receptacle of the intellect.

The receptacle of the intellect is when one person says, ‘I want to make a living through stealing and black market.’ And another says, ‘I never want to steal under any circumstances.’ So, both are desires; even ‘not wanting something’ is a desire.

Thereafter, good and bad karma (punya and paap) are at work in all of this!

When one’s accumulated good (punya) karma is at work, no one will be able to catch the former (in the above example) when he steals. No matter how many traps police sets for him or how vigilant everyone around him is, he will not be caught. And when his good karma comes to an end, he will be caught easily. Even a little child will tell that he is the one who has done wrong.

These karmic accounts are very exact and precise, and no one can change that…

Suppose a person brings forth in his receptacle of intellect that he wants to acquire a lot of money. Then, in this life, he will get his desired wealth. However, a lot of his good karma is expended in the process. Another person does the same but instead of the effects of good karma, he is faced with the effects of his bad karma at the time of the result. Consequently, he remains broke despite working very hard.

Thus, the world is your own projection; your projection and your planning

Param Pujya Dadashri says that whatever comes to us in this life is indeed the account of our own karma. On the basis of karma of the past life, Nature gives us the result in this life. There is no interference of anyone else in this. Therefore, however much good karma one has, one comes across those many favourable circumstances, whereas bad karma brings about bad circumstances. Therefore, it is indeed the result of our own karma.

Our desires are fulfilled, but in the process, our good karma gets expended

Yet, people believe the wealth they have acquired is through their own efforts. One does not realize that they have spent their good karma in the process, and that too on the wrong path. Instead why not turn around the receptacle of your intellect. The only thing worth desiring i.e. the only thing worth having in our receptacle of intellect is spirituality and nothing materialistic.

Therefore, Param Pujya Dadashri advises, “Our good karma must be spent on religion, and not on useless material things like cars, radios, televisions etc. Place the desire to know the Self (Self-Realization) and the desire to do good for others, as the only things in your receptacle, which gets carried forth into the next life. Whatever has come your way at the moment, let it be, but from now on change this.”

In order to stop the cycle of birth and death, you will have to attain the knowledge of who you are It means all our unfulfilled desires do get fulfilled, sooner or later; but in the process, one has to keep taking several births and deaths.

In Akram Vignan, when Gnani, the Enlightened One, graces us with Self-Realization, both, the new instillation for new life, and new filling of desires in the receptacle, come to a stop; nothing new is created as we attain the right vision (samyak darshan) from Gnani.

So now, first and foremost, let’s desire that we soon meet Gnani, the Enlightened One, and we enjoy his company all our life. In his shelter, we get the right path and soon be free from the vicious cycle of birth and death.


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