Do Liberated Beings Have Empathy With Bound Beings And Their Suffering?…

Do Liberated Beings Have Empathy With Bound Beings And Their Suffering?

Empathy means to feel the pain of others. It’s one’s ability to not only perceive but also feel what the other person is experiencing when you see someone in joy or pain. Hence, it’s a great virtue of human connect. Nevertheless, it is still an emotion only!

In liberated beings, no emotion of pity, nor any sympathy or empathy is to be found

The liberated beings have transcended beyond the emotional state of being. Hence, they neither run away from suffering nor are they overwhelmed seeing others’ suffering. In fact, they perceive suffering exactly and totally. Not only suffering, they perceive and know everything for their vision and knowledge flows directly from their unveiled Soul.

The liberated being knows through the Soul

The Soul is an eternal element present in every living being and it is uniform in nature i.e. every Soul has the same properties. Therefore, the liberated beings are connected and united with the entire world. So if we choose to remain connected with the liberated beings, we will surely experience that we are no more lonely individuals, facing challenges alone ☺.

The liberated beings are aware of what’s going on in every living being, be it a bound or a liberated being; they can perceive each one’s suffering very precisely, irrespective of whether that being is before him or away from him, is visible or not visible. It’s because the main properties of the pure Soul are infinite knowledge, infinite vision, infinite strength and infinite bliss. And the Soul of the liberated being is absolutely pure; there is no covering of any vision-obscuring karma or any knowledge-obscuring karma whatsoever that can obstruct the perception or knowledge of the Soul. The liberated beings have attained the stage of Keval-Gnan (Absolute Knowledge), hence they know it all!

The liberated beings are free from attachments

Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan, an Enlightened being, explains,

“Compassion arises only after one attains total detachment (Vitaragta). Only Vitarags shower compassion.”

The Lord (liberated being) does not have any attribute such as pity or empathy whatsoever…

Pity (daya) is the main attribute of religion. Religion begins with pity. But finally one will have to ascend, and leave and let go of the ladder of pity. One will have to give up entire ladder. This is because the one who has pity within, will inevitably have the trait of cruelty too. Pity is an attribute of duality (Eg. One who has pity tries to save a rat and thereby ends up being cruel to a cat. Here, both karma become the cause of binding new karma, thus we get into bondage and move away from liberation).”

When pity and cruelty leave, compassion arises; then one becomes God (a liberated being)

Kindness, sympathy etc., are the characteristics of relative or the worldly self and bad attributes too exist on the other side in this worldly self. When one reaches beyond the stage of having good attributes and bad attributes, then he comes in the state of compassion; he attains the state of a God. God is beyond the duality of good attributes and bad attributes and He is an embodiment of love and compassion.

Compassion only begins after Self-Realization (realizing who really am I)

Where there is pity or empathy, there is always bound to be egoism.

Only when one is not bothered about his own happiness; rather he remains continuously preoccupied with [thoughts of], ‘How can the difficulties of others be removed?’ that’s when unconditional, constant compassion begins.

“Right from childhood, I had always been concerned with removing the difficulties of others. When even a single thought about one’s own self (relative or worldly self) does not arise, that is referred to as unconditional constant compassion. It is indeed through this that Self-Realization (I am pure Soul) manifests.

At present, you experience pity imagining, ‘What must the other person be going through? What must he be feeling?’ You feel pity towards him. Such pity always gives you unhappiness. After attaining Self-Realization (Atma Gnan), no matter what happens to others, you will not feel sad, your unhappiness will go and you will have compassion”, says Param Pujya Dadashri.

The compassion of liberated beings flows for the salvation (ultimate liberation) of the people without any ego, selfishness or expectations.

Thus, to conclude…

True religion is that which makes one free from the bondage of merit and demerit karma and helps you attain the state of the Self i.e. liberation. That is why Param Pujya Dadashri says that while following religion, transcend the attributes like kindness, sympathy or empathy, and finally reach to the state of compassion where after reaching this state, the Vitarag Lords (the liberated beings free of attachment) have brought about the salvation of many and have attained the final liberation.

So come,

Let us also begin our journey on the path of liberation by going to the Living Gnani (the Enlightened One) and from Him attaining Self-Realization.

Then following His enlightening words, we learn to dissolve all of pride-ego-expectations-opinions and thereby progress on the path of liberation.

Simultaneously, through service, surrender, penance and perseverance in the shelter of the Enlightened One, on one hand we allow our constant inner awareness of the Self and on the other hand our intent of, ‘May every living being attain salvation’ to flourish.

And finally, when we too attain the elevated stage of a liberated being, we allow our compassion to flow for the benefit of all!!!


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