Do I Force Things Or Will I Be Presented With The Opportunities?…

Do I Force Things Or Will I Be Presented With The Opportunities?

Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan, an enlightened being says, “This world is nothing but the result of the scientific circumstantial evidence. Whatever one can see through the five senses is a result; it is all vyavasthit.”

For any event that happens in our life, there are causes working behind it. These causes put together are termed as ‘scientific circumstantial evidences’ by Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan. The end result of these causes coming together is what Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan calls as ‘vyavasthit’. Let’s understand this science in some greater detail.

The five causes that make an event happen are:

Swabhav (Intrinsic Nature),

Purusharth (Effort),

Niyati (Natural flow of progress of an embodied soul),

Kaal (Time), and

Prarabdh (Fruition of past karma).

For instance, the nature of a mango tree is to give mangoes. The fruit of mango would certainly not grow on any other tree. At the same time, there is effort involved too. We sow a seed of mango, water it and nurture it. This effort is required, without which the fruit of mango would not grow. Now, after nurturing the plant, if a strong wind blows and destroys the mango seed, no mangoes would grow. This is called niyati – the flow of things – which is in the control of Nature.

Also, the time factor is equally important. No matter how much effort we put in, we cannot get sweet mangoes in winter, can we? Only when it is the month of April, the mango ripens. Similarly, if we wish to get the fruit overnight, as soon as the seed is sown, it will not happen. A certain period of time or duration is required for the mangoes to grow. This is the time factor.

Finally, nice ripe mangoes may have come on the tree, but they are so high up that you are unable to reach them. Therefore, although the four causes have been satisfied; owing to our past karma, we cannot have the mango. But just then a small lad comes with a long stick in his hand, pulls the fruit down and leaves with it. It is because his past karma allowed him to have it, he had not bound any karma that creates obstacles. So, when we are not able to avail of the opportunities, we must know that everything we experience is the result of our own mistakes. We ourselves have bound these karmas of obstacles. And karmas that have been created will have to be experienced.

If we have the right understanding of this science,…

then no matter what occurs in our life, we will not be overwhelmed with pain. However, if we hold onto our viewpoint and try to force things happen, we would have to undergo unnecessary suffering. At the same time, we do not have to sit idle waiting for things to happen at their time.

Nature tells us to put forth sincere efforts in order to accomplish a difficult task. But at the same time, we should not worry about it. By worrying, our effort gets jolted. The one who worries is said to have taken the reins into his hands, with a belief in mind that, ‘I am the one who is making it work!’ There is a punishment for taking on that kind of a control.

Instead, we shall do our duty (effort) sincerely, as it is one of the positive evidences. Thereafter whatever the result may be; it is not in our hands; it is ‘vyavasthit’. For example, if a glass is about to fall, we must try our best to save it. However, if it somehow breaks, this result in the form of ‘the glass breaking,’ is called vyavasthit. We must readily accept it without any pain or laughter.

The First Step is to Attain Self-Realization from the Living Gnani

This knowledge of ‘vyavasthit’ not only helps us live a peaceful worldly life, but it also helps us attain moksha, i.e., the ultimate liberation. This is because with this knowledge, new karma would not be bound.

But to attain this knowledge, we require to get our Soul awakened once by the Enlightened One, i.e., the Gnani! That is called Self-Realization. Thereafter, one is able to understand the knowledge of vyavasthit correctly and thus does not become a doer of anything. One who understands this knowledge fully, gets free from all kinds of worries, stress and tensions and gets onto the path of ultimate liberation.


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