Oct 27: Vedic Astrology – NEW MOON In Diwali – Light In The Darkness…

Oct 27: Vedic Astrology – NEW MOON In Diwali – Light In The Darkness

Shadows are lengthening and daylight hours are growing shorter. The power of darkness is encroaching, but this new moon’s got a spark of inner light. The new moon of Oct 27, 2019 (exact at 8:38 pm PT) falls in the Hindu festival of lights – Diwali – the celebration of the victory of light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance, and hope over despair.

Starting Oct 25, Diwali’s a five-day festival in which family and friends come together, homes are cleaned and freshly painted, and lamps (called diyas) light up the night. This is a time to set intentions for increased health, wealth and happiness in your life and the lives of those you love.

Goddess Laksmi, Lord Ganesha, and Kubera god of wealth are honored during Diwali.

The new moon falls in the area of the sky called Swati nakshatra, a star of self-actualization. Swati is symbolized by a young sprout blowing in the wind and holds a tenacious power to thrive in times of instability. There’s a flexible and unbreakable spirit within Swati that grows stronger against incredible odds.

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On Nov 4, a rare transit of Jupiter occurs. The planet of hope and idealism enters high-minded Sagittarius, its Mulatrikona sign and luckiest position in the Zodiac.

In Vedic astrology, Jupiter is called “guru,” as it teaches spiritual truth and compassion.  In Sanskrit ‘gu’ means darkness, and ‘ru’ dispeller, translating as “the one who dispels darkness.” Jupiter is also the life-giver called Jhivakaraka.

Luck, knowledge, and fertility are some of Jupiter’s gifts, as well as guidance and protection. But take heed, the days surrounding this planetary transit could be turbulent and surprising.

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The heavy influence of Saturn with the tail of the shadow snake, Ketu, in a formation called Kala Sarpa Yoga (Serpent of Time) continues to accelerate karmic cleansing and transformation on a global level. Issues of climate change, political corruption, and general uncertainty have been growing, as outdated systems fall away.

A sense of hopelessness can go hand in hand with intense astrological weather, so take advantage of this auspicious new moon.  In dark times, the power of light grows, just as candlelight seems to brighten when the lights go out. The new moon of Diwali glows with an inner light of hope, determination, and gratitude.

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