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Earth is a free-will zone among many other zones and planets throughout the cosmos. Here on earth, everything is interlocked with everything else. There are other kinds of zones, dimensions, and planets that perhaps are the same, as well as others that have a more independent system. However, here, everything is interlocking and interworking with everything else.

So? What the hell does that mean?

It means that you have a purpose, whether you believe it or not. Your purpose is to carry information, and to make that information accessible to others. This is done by using frequency.

When someone shares a story with you, you end up carrying information. That information is light; light is information. The more you become informed, the more you alter your frequency.

As humans, we are electromagnetic creatures, and everything that we are, we broadcast to everyone else. Just as you can recognize someone in despair or fear, you can recognize someone in joy, if you begin to use your human body to tune into this kind of recognition.

Your job is to carry information and to evolve yourself to the highest capability within the human design. When you do this, you can’t help but affect the collective. But, what if your current occupation doesn’t coincide with your purpose? For example, what if you feel as if your job as a server, or waiter/waitress, isn’t helping on such a grand scale?

Remember that this job is external, and everything external never is what it appears on the outside. With that, everyone you come in contact with is affected by your vibration. Even if you’re stuck in a menial or mundane job for awhile, or are naturally led to be parents and guardians of your children, you will have a certain time period in your life in which you must assimilate all of this information—no matter how radical it may seem.

It is essential to fit this info into your life and into the history of your world by living it, understanding it, and getting acquainted with it. Once you can consistently maintain a frequency of information and not be merely ‘going through the motions’ because you don’t know who you are, your task will be given to you. It will be put before you and will be part of your ‘blueprint’—your own personal detailed plan of action for this lifetime.

Many of us humans know our blueprints and what will be, or have been guided to. Within each person, no matter where they’re from, lies that plan. It lies within the deepest portion of our being. What seems to get in the way of our knowing is left-brain thinking, that either you may not have the talent for it and can’t do it, or that this is all bullshit and life is meaningless. But, who honestly wants to live like that?

To rid yourself of this distraction, and balance your left and right-brain thinking, is meditation. Proper meditation. Not using it as an escape or dazing off after you’ve massively murdered your own brain cells from getting high. Weed is murder, CBD is okay. I’m kidding, by the way. (I cannot wrap my head around how some people and companies think buying a commercial, government-stamped alternative to weed is okay, and say no to the natural plant it derives from. Commercially-Branded Derivative is all that it is. That’s for another day though.)

Anyway, meditation is a way to go to a place of nourish, not escape, and to receive information. It’s a state of communication. At some point, you will move into your purpose and, more than likely, it will coincide with facilitating the frequency—that connects us all. We transduce it, stomping it down to others, to explain it, using it for healing others, and stabilizing it for the human race. This is what makes all of us transmutational light-bringers.

When each of us can hold a frequency of information without freaking out and are accountable for being consistent, then we anchor the frequency of the collective on Earth. That frequency is recognized. It can’t be traced—not exactly—but it can be recognized, and is being recognized now. This is the reason behind the frenzied power struggle of egotistical humans wanting to alter and control that frequency.

Everywhere you look, you see this, but now you will be able to recognize it for what it is. You’ll see that all things in your life have prepared you, step-by-step, for what you will be doing, or already are doing.

For the confused but hopeful waiter/waitress, perhaps at one time they were in a club or a Cub Scout leader and learned how to work with others; maybe at another time, from either their mothers or working in a restaurant, learned how to work with and how to serve food.

Through your jobs and everything else in your life, you’ve created certain aspects of reality so that later, when you must teach these systems how to go beyond themselves, you have a clear idea where these humans are coming from.

I have come to believe that when one endures the horrible experience of losing a loved one and going through the five stages of grief, we neglect perhaps the most important step: sharing our experience; our pain, strength, and hope—along with the fact that you survived, or rather, are surviving—with someone who has just lost a loved one.

I believe that if we share our pain and what makes us vulnerable, we will see how alike we all are; how we all suffer from the same pains; how we share the same struggles. With this, a love will form between everyone and will grow to the point where war will merely be a thing of our human past.

It’s our ego that’s killing this idea; as well as ourselves and our planet. We cannot get rid of our ego, for it is necessary for our survival and believing we are good enough, but we can take away it’s most powerful weapon against ourselves: shame. If we live shameless and selfless lives, we will we a change for the better almost instantly.

Humanity was given free-will, but that doesn’t mean we are to act independently. There’s no shame in choosing to live your life for others. Discover your purpose and be the light-bringer you were created to be.


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