Discover How Perception Becomes A Reality…

Discover How Perception Becomes A Reality

How would you define truth? The things that you see, hear, or experience yourself become the ultimate truth for you. Sometimes you verify it. Sometimes you don’t, but that does become a reality for you. The reality can differ for everyone because our perceptions vary, our experiences are different; the way we sense things is different. Our perception becomes reality for us when we evaluate and analyze our experiences every day.

All human beings are different; hence our ability to perceive things also varies. This makes life even more confusing as there is no single truth or reality because our individuality makes our perspective different. Ultimately our perception becomes reality for us. We have already established that perception is different for every person; hence, millions of truths and realities exist.

Unique Sensors

At the basic biological level, our DNA’s are different; hence our senses vary. What fear or excitement means to you can mean something very different for somebody else. Things that we experience while growing up slowly and gradually build our vision and perspective regarding various things.

You might have gotten into a car accident as a child now that can become a fear for you, and you may think vehicles are nothing but dangerous. However, there could be someone in the same room who loves driving fast and loves the thrill and excitement that comes with it.

Your ability to see colors and define those and name them can be absolutely different from another person. Have you ever heard two people arguing about what shade of green and blue the sea is?

Well, they are both talking about what they have seen with their eyes, and the reality differs for each of them. Our perception is dependent on the way our senses react to various things.

Every Person’s Foundational Experiences Are Unique

Place two people on opposite sides and make another person stand in the middle with a pen in their hands. Only one of them will see it while the other won’t standing on the backside even though it is true that the person in the middle is holding the pen, but only one person can see it making that the ultimate reality for them.

So what is it then? Pen or no pen? It is both and neither, and that is exactly what is meant by perception becoming a reality.

If you define yourself as calm, trustworthy and then also match your whole persona with those traits, the world will see you that way. The moment you change your style, your attitude perception about you will change.

Everyone makes these subconscious judgments in their minds, and sometimes you can use them to your advantage to get people to believe something about you.

Your perception becomes a reality that could be true only for you because every individual creates a different reality. So this is everything you may need to know about discovering how perception becomes reality. What do you think of it?


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