Discipline Or Destruction Through The 2nd Chakra…

Discipline Or Destruction Through The 2nd Chakra

There is a journey that starts with realizing that what you’re doing is not working, you’re not getting what you want and need. So often we put in a lot of effort into what we think will get us to where we want to go. Those strategies might have come from our culture, religion, spiritual teachings, or even a YouTube search. We tend to look outside ourselves for direction and guidance first. But, I suggest to you, that the magic is in the space between through the 2nd Chakra…

Destructive Discipline

• Disciplining yourself to do a thing that you know goes against what is good for all because it is presented as a way to keep peace or move forward in any area. This presents as a win/lose scenario.

• Focusing your attention and efforts in one area to avoid emotional pain in other areas.

• Disciplining yourself to use food, drugs, work, or anything else to avoid emotional pain.

• Disciplining yourself to be a perfectionist rather than someone who delights in learning and becoming better.

• Disciplining yourself to accept your lot in life, or your position in society, or your “place”.

• Disciplining yourself to be less than you are.

• Disciplining yourself to like and strive for what current culture values.

• Disciplining yourself to believe others know better than you.

• Disciplining yourself to believe everything you are taught without question and examination.

• Disciplining ourselves and others to behave rather than be curious and explore.

• Disciplining ourselves and others to hide the light of spirit inside us.


Discipline that Supports You

• To think differently

• To question.

• To look for the information/data, and what it’s really showing you.

• To be open.

• To have heart.

• To love enough to look within.

• To change.

• To care enough to stand up.

• To take Source guided reasoned action.


If so many forms of discipline deplete us, then why would we want discipline at all? Discipline gears towards inner searching, self-love, intuition, questioning what is, and looking for the information rather than dogma, rather than discipline as punishment for behavior that doesn’t fit the status quo, will encourage us to move forward from a real desire to create a better world rather than learning to go with current dysfunctional systems.



If you want to move into a more harmonious, natural way of being, then having the discipline to stop the cultural chatter and go within to find your intuition and the Source of your intuition is for you. Once we choose the inner path we can demonstrate its validity as a better way of being and finding solutions and courses of action for others to follow.


Now is always the right time.



When only win/lose scenarios and solutions are presented, it does not mean they are the only choices we have. It just means the win/win solution has not yet been presented. Perhaps it would be better to keep asking and searching for better solutions than to feel pushed to choose the best of the bad.


Start with learning deep meditation and guided visualization.

Practice listening to the small voice within and following its guidance. Practice will build trust as you come to distinguish between the voice in your head and the voice that comes from the stillness within. It takes dedication and discipline to keep at it.

Move your body to keep energy flowing and activated within you.

Immerse yourself in nature and observe the flows and forces of nature.

Discipline to Eliminate that which is Holding You Back

Recognize which steps and actions you take move you towards how you would like the world to be.

Question everything, including everything you think you know.

Take a hard look at your beliefs, are they true or are they imposed constraints you put on yourself or from others?


Discipline to Manifest Your Destiny

It’s a lot easier to go with the flow. It takes courage to observe and think for yourself. And, it takes even more courage to act on the information you discovered and the inner truth you can feel. Going with the flow might get you material goods, it might get you acceptance, but it won’t get you inner fulfillment.

Using self-discipline toward observing, thinking, intuition, and deep self-love, which is really the love for all, has the potential to bring you the greatest fulfillment and joy.

The Space Between

Perhaps the most important is to recognize the space between.

Ancient energy practices recognize this as conscious particles.

Unified physics recognizes this as sub Planck particles.

You can identify with and live from your brain, which is very smart.

You can identify with and live from your body, which is also very smart.

Or, you can go into the space between, which knows everything.

Going into the space between is simple, spacious, beautiful, natural, and elegant.

It is not complicated.

It just takes the discipline to remove yourself from the chatter and go within to access the vastness of the all.

The 2nd chakra is about creation and destruction, the good use of our abilities or the poor use of them. Going into the space between in the 2nd Chakra will open you to greater distinction of which you are choosing.


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