Digital Nomad: Overcoming The Obstacles In Your Way…

Digital Nomad: Overcoming The Obstacles In Your Way

As much as an idea of being a digital nomad may sound appealing, building a life for yourself while traveling and working remotely is not always easy. There are issues that need to be dealt with in order to get to the enjoyable part since it is not as easy as simply picking up your laptop and getting on a plane.

Covering the digital

The digital part refers to the work you will be doing. It is meant to make your new lifestyle sustainable by providing funding. The type of work one does, usually includes working remotely for a company, working as a freelancer, or running a start-up, possibly as the only employee. All you need to do is have access to Wi-Fi. The idea behind this is that you are not tied to one location.

Dealing with the stress

Most of the stress we feel comes from anticipation and expectations. When you work for a company but remotely, you may feel disadvantaged when compared to your coworkers working from the office. You lose touch and relationships you had with your superiors and you may even feel like they think they are doing you a favor for letting you work remotely. This makes people often feel like they need to prove themselves constantly. If you think about it, the way you prove yourself is by doing your work the best feasible way, which is what you were meant to do in the first place. Shake off the unpleasant feeling, complete your tasks in due time, and everything will be all right.

Loving what you do and why you do it

The best way of feeling confident about your work and not wasting too much energy on it is by doing what you love. This way the work is like a hobby and you can complete your tasks with ease. If you are a freelancer, especially a beginner freelancer, the chances are that you will occasionally get an assignment you find tedious, or not particularly enjoyable for some reason.

In this case, the secret is in reminding yourself of why you do what you do. Knowing that you work to support a lifestyle you enjoy so much will be sufficient motivation, as long as you remember to remind yourself of that.

Finding the right working environment

Once you have organized your time to suit your business activities, you need to find the most appropriate location for doing so. You can work from the place where you are staying, a shared hub, a local coffee place, or even outdoors. Even though your room may be the most convenient one, it is often not the most inspiring one. Get to know the place you are visiting and find the most comfortable spots for working. You do not have to stick to one. You can change your working environment from time to time to keep it interesting. After a while, you will know exactly which type of environment is the best one for your current tasks and mood.

Dealing with the technicalities

While finding the right workflow and motivation for remote work is very important, there is another thing you need to consider. Withstand lawyers, who are experts in the field, say that getting informed about a country’s immigration laws often gets overlooked. Different countries have different rules. For example, up until recently, Thailand famously had a ban on any work done on a tourist visa, including as much as responding to a work-related email. While planning your year and your next destination, find out more about how much work you can do in each of the countries you select without getting a working visa.

Living a lonely life

Apart from having the right type of job for a digital nomad, you also need to be the right type of person. If you feel adventures and crave to see more of the world, you sound like a good candidate. However, do not underestimate the influence of the social being in you. Make sure you are strong enough to battle nostalgia, lack of lasting relationships, and often loneliness. As long as you frequent places visited by people of interests similar to yours, you will be able to form friendships and have someone with whom you could spend the time you get off work. Stay positive and open to the people around you and keep in touch with those you have left behind. Let your energy be seen.

Balancing between life and work commitments

The work-life balance is what we see most people struggling with. Rather than balancing our day to have enough time for both, we tend to compromise by dedicating certain periods to one or another. For example, working extra hours closer to a project deadline, and taking several days off once the deadline is met.

Despite the popular belief, working remotely does not qualify as a holiday. If you work as a freelancer, in particular, you may be tempted to take on as many projects as you get offered. This is usually a mistake, but people do it to earn as much as they can. Prioritizing is the key. You need to set an itinerary for your leisure activities the same way you do your work and do not ignore it. Be realistic about how much time you need for certain tasks and accept only the amount of work that fits your working hours.

There have always been brilliant ideas, but not all of them are cut out for everyone. Dedicate some time to introspective and determine whether being a digital nomad is what you truly want. If that is the case, focus on the reasons you do it and be positive about it. Positive energy will help you think clearly and work on overcoming your problems instead of dwelling on them.


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